Growing up in the South, I’ve been surrounded by college football all my life. My dad went to Clemson, and now I’m married to a Georgia Bulldog, so I was excited to see Clemson University’s Tiger Band perform an incredible tribute to Nintendo during half-time at Thursday’s game against Georgia Tech. Check out the video after the jump!

They kick off the show by forming an NES controller, followed by the famous “It’s a me, Mario!” over the loudspeaker. The band plays selections from Super Mario Bros. while morphing into classic Mario formations, including a Goomba, Super Star and even the castle flying a Clemson flag.

Once the Mario tribute ends, the band plays a Zelda medley while putting together all their power, wisdom and courage to create the Triforce. If you want to skip straight to the Zelda portion of the video, go to 2:55.

Their performance is enough to make this Georgia fan say, “Go Tigers!” My dad will be so proud!

In case you were wondering, Clemson beat GA Tech that night 55-31.

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Source: YouTube
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