There’s no denying that Nintendo has problems at the moment, as Iwata revealed in their recent financial report. The cause of this surely isn’t the successful 3DS market–the problem lies somewhere else. The Wii U’s poor sales are no secret. Nintendo has been focusing on their 3DS system lately, especially on the Pokémon X/Y software which has been promoted heavily. As such, they couldn’t give the Wii U hardware its fair share of attention. A single title can’t rescue the console, and that’s exactly what Satoru Iwata said as well. Instead, he’s counting on the sales season at the end of the year.

Of course, The Wind Waker HD gave the hardware a decent boost in sales. Even if it was just temporary, the numbers were huge. In the UK, the Wii U got a boost of 685%  and the US was happy about 200%. This doesn’t mean much when the increase is just temporary and/or the numbers it is based on have been low to begin with. Iwata said:

“Our objective for Wii U for the upcoming year-end sales season will be to dramatically change the environment surrounding Wii U with multiple key titles that can appeal to a wide range of consumers.”

Accordingly to Iwata, Nintendo shifted their focus after they released Pokémon, and the first signs are visible in Japan as they are promoting the Wii U more than they did before. Part of their new marketing strategy is the Premium Family Set, which hit the Japanese store shelves on October 31. It includes a Wii U Premium bundled together with accessories and comes with two popular pre-installed games. He said:

“We are already seeing promising signs from pre-orders that have been placed, and we will attempt to dramatically change the environment surrounding Wii U from this week through the end of the year.”

Japan isn’t Nintendo’s only problem. Their product is also selling badly overseas. There, the numbers are way worse than in their home country. We have already seen a decent price cut of $50, lowering it to $299,99, but that’s not all. Nintendo plans to supply its oversea customers with bundles as well.


Super Mario Bros. U, Just Dance and Wii U Party bundles are coming to Europe.

Following the recent Wind Waker Wii U bundle, Europe will receive 3 more bundles. Even people from Australia and New Zealand, who didn’t get the Zelda bundle, can look forward to similar packages in the future with Just Dance 2014 and Skylander Swap-force Basic bundles on the way. Iwata had the following to say about bundles:

“By offering this new bundle along with “Wii Sports Club,” “Wii Fit U,” “Wii Party U” and other titles such as “Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games™” that I just mentioned, we will make every effort to dramatically change the sales trajectory of the system.”

He hopes that the upcoming games will make a dramatic difference. That’s exactly what they need, when they want to reach their goal of 9 million units sold by the end of this fiscal year (March 2014). Truth is, Nintendo just sold 3.91 million units by September 30, 2013.

Source: GoNintendo