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Many a person contemplates or fantasizes about what their wedding band will look like. Sometimes it’s hard because the man oftentimes buys the first ring, and let’s just hope that whatever he picked out suits her and is personalized enough so that she feels special. Hit the jump to learn why this ring is the best ring. Typically we see engagement rings made with a nicely-cut diamond or other stone and a glamorous setting perched on either gold or silver for the band. Couples who know each other well enough might arrange for the setting to incorporate favorite animals, birthstones or other stylized additions. But if you’re marrying a Zelda fan (guys, I’m talking to you here since this is a lady’s ring), then this ring is the answer to any doubts you may have about popping the question when the time comes.

As you can see below, the ring is made of three pieces in true engagement ring fashion. We don’t see this a lot anymore, but rings used to have at least two pieces; one for the engagement, and one to add at the wedding. These pieces would fit together as a pair and look like one ring when the bride was wearing both at the same time. If you didn’t see that the ring had three pieces from the starter photo, then mission accomplished! Three diamonds, some accents on both the inside and outside of the band and a simple setting make this ring a keeper.

LoZ engagement ring 2

LoZ engagement ring 3

In a way, you could take the ring to have a deeper meaning as well, and since we’re all familiar with the components of the Triforce, if presented with this ring we all probably would: courage, wisdom and power. Marriage, now more than ever, is a faltering enterprise and the perceived work necessary to make a relationship last has increased. It takes courage to enter into a binding emotional and financial contract with someone. You are risking half of your net worth and your long-term emotional health on the bet that you believe combining assets and acting as a unit will further your happiness in life, both individually and together.

People, no matter how compatible, will have disagreements. It takes wisdom to know when to admit you are wrong, when to fight the good fight, and when to just let live. The sacrifice of selfishness to benefit all the parties involved to the utmost is important, and knowledge of your partner will help a lot. As two people live and grow together, they become wise in the ways and whimsies of each other.

Although power may not seem applicable to marriage superficially, it is a huge factor in maintaining a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Mainly, the balance of power is key. Without balance a relationship can become or be perceived as abusive by the parties involved or by outsiders. In the almost obsolete family unit where the husband works and the wife stays home to clean, cook and look after children, the power domains are kept separate and each contributes to the success of the household. Now, with both parties working, babysitters being involved and scraping by becoming harder, there are more things for each person to be considering and blame cannot fall on one person alone for the failure of half the affairs.

In short, the Triforce can be a perfect metaphor for creating a great marriage, on top of being a sweet piece of fandom that you will have license to wear everywhere you go! Would you say yes to a Zelda proposal?

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