The 3DS has been noticeably successful for Nintendo, especially when put next to their latest home console, the Wii U. It has blown away the PS Vita month after month for half the year so far and we’re still counting the winning streak. A large part of the handheld’s success is due to the timely release of new games, and not just any old games either. Hit the jump to learn more!

Keep in mind that these numbers are pre-Pokemon X/Y, and will only go up with the holiday season just around the corner. Over 27 million 3DS games have been sold worldwide in the last six months alone. A reasonable chunk of that was made up of Animal Crossing: New Leaf (2.01 million units), Fire Emblem: Awakening and a couple new Mario titles such as Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. On top of these great new releases, the incentive to buy a 3DS has never been greater, and with a new system comes the desire to buy all kinds of games, not just the hot cake titles.

As if already coming out with groundbreaking new games and remakes of old favorites since January weren’t enough so far, soon we will be seeing the release of A Link Between Worlds, complete with a 3DS XL bundle and the continuing success of Pokemon X/Y with their own 3DS XL bundles for the holidays. In similar fashion to the Wii U, with skyrocketing sales due to The Wind Waker HD, it’s very easy to predict that the 3DS will wipe out the competition with its multiple specialty box sets and a tally of new games we’re all willing to pay $40 for (even cheap people like me).

Hopefully Nintendo will be able to ride the wave of the 3DS and apply some of the strategy to the Wii U. Despite the 3DS selling 3.89 consoles in the last six months, the Wii U only sold 0.46 million during the same period (this number was recorder before the release of The Wind Waker HD). They do seem to be shifting in that direction, though, with not only the release of a new Zelda remake and a corresponding collector’s console, but the promise of information regarding a new Zelda game next year along with other tantalizing titles. If these tactics work for the Wii U like they have been for the 3DS, then we can expect the Wii U to be a major contender in the battle of household consoles next year. If not, better luck next time Nintendo.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine UK