Zelda Jack-O'-Lanterns 1 - Link

It may be traditional to carve out scary faces in your pumpkins, but it sure is boring. At least, it would be in comparison to Deviantart user johwee‘s creations. Halloween is a mere week away, and she’s been preparing again with her beautiful Zelda carvings. This year she’s made this fantastic Jack-o’-lantern of Link’s face.

You’ll notice I said “again”–that’s because she’s been doing this for years. Her earliest Zelda carving goes back to 2007! In her ongoing efforts, she has also made incredible Wind Waker pumpkins featuring Toon Link, Princess Zelda, Ganondorf, and my personal favourite, The Helmaroc King. The professional detail in these is emphasised by the warm glow of the fire, and it sure looks amazing. While it may not be a scary theme (alright, the Ganondorf one is a little terrifying), I could only dream of having Jack-o’-lanterns as gorgeous as these. Read on to see her earlier works, and go check out her Zelda gallery here–she’s also created Pokemon, Mario and Disney ones, among others!

Zelda Jack-O'-Lanterns 2 - Princess Zelda

Zelda Jack-O'-Lanterns 3 - Hylian Shield

Zelda Jack-O'-Lanterns 4 - Ganondorf

Zelda Jack-O'-Lanterns 5 - Helmaroc King

Zelda Jack-O'-Lanterns 6 - Toon Link and Navi


Source: Deviantart
Via: I Heart Nintendo