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You’ve all heard the continuing news about Operation Moonfall, the movement designed and created for the purpose of letting Nintendo know that players want to see a reboot of Majora’s Mask. Many of us have been asking, “Why doesn’t Nintendo do a remake for Majora’s Mask like they did for Ocarina of Time?” The time has come for answers and Aonuma has graciously provided the answer. Hit the jump to learn more!

In a recent interview with 4Gamer, Aonuma expressed his hesitation about continuing with remakes with this statement:

“We have talked about that [remakes] from the get-go, but we need to see how well Wind Waker HD does in order to set up our next title. Remakes are popular now, but we don’t know whether or not we will keep doing them from this point forward.”

Understandably, Nintendo and the Zelda team want to make sure that remakes are going to do well with their customer base, and not put the funds and time into making more just because some other companies are doing it. Nintendo goes out of their way to impress us, so it’s hard to be upset with them for wanting to keep with the philosophy that a reboot needs time to be made better than the original. So far, I would say that that The Wind Waker HD hit it on the bullseye, but it’s still in the baby stages and only the next few months to a year will determine its ultimate success.

As another point of interest, the Zelda team has yet to do a remake for no other reason than just to do a remake; there has always been an underlying development motivation, such as trying out the Wii U graphics style for The Wind Waker HD and, previously, the 3D aspects of the 3DS with Ocarina of Time 3D.

“With Ocarina of Time 3D, we wanted a world which could expand using the feel of the 3D effect, that’s why we chose Ocarina of Time. So, it wasn’t just a regular revival, it was more of a rebirth in that case.”

Using familiar specs would help the development team(s) transition into a new style so they don’t have to start from scratch, and that is really the key factor in why we have Zelda remakes at all. If those statements weren’t enough to convince us all that we just might be waiting a while before we see another remake, Aonuma ended his 4Gamer interview with this statement:

“We don’t know how many years it will be until the next remake, nor do we know what sort of hardware there will be. Perhaps, when there is a new piece of technology, we would look at existing Zelda games and decide if we would like to remake one of them.”

Having new hardware to practice on is the driver for remakes. So far they have done remakes for one of the highest rated games of all time and a game that challenged the preconceived notions about what a true adventure game should look like. Both are logical choices and both have come to provide Nintendo with huge amounts of publicity, not to mention providing a base line for future Zelda games. Unfortunately, though it is my personal favorite and is generally agreed to be highly underrated, Majora’s Mask does not fit any of those descriptions.

Perhaps, eventually, Nintendo will yield to player pressure and provide us with a Majora’s Mask reboot like they did with Hyrule Historia, but the more likely scenario is that they will take another, more successful game and remake that for a new console. What remake would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments.

Source: 4Gamer
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  • Guest

    why is everyone so obsessed with the Majora's Mask remake?

    • Sean Davis

      cause its the best zelda game in a lot of peoples eyes including my own, and we would to play an updated version.

    • RPH1

      They already have the graphics and engine built for it from OoT 3D and that would make it cheaper to make and buy. They could give it to the same people who remade OoT 3D, Grezzo, and not interfere with Nintendo making a new Zelda game. And to paraphrase Dean Winchester, It's awesome, so there's that.

      • Dust

        I'd rather they take it more seriously than that.


    Maybe a remake of MM is hard for Nintendo..coz’ it wasn’t that well received in Japan like the other Zelda titles (if I recalled)…Not saying they won’t make a MM remake..but..maybe it’s why they haven’t yet?

  • craZ

    NOOOO!!!! Eiji Anouma even hinted a ton at MM3D.

    • DarkLink1996

      Aonuma never said he ISN'T going to, just that he needs to make sure it's what people want first.

      • craZ

        Well, then there's a chance. We need everyone to campaign for this! C'mon!

      • Dust

        He's already late for the hype train. Should've capitalized sooner, cause if he keeps waiting the majority are gonna give up and move on.

        • ALonzo

          I feel regardless of the length they take making the remake, the hype will rise regardless. If Aonuma/Miyamoto came out and said a Majora's Mask HD remake was being created, you know the hype for that will be intense. That game was such an "overlooked" game compared to Ocarina of Time and I feel that a remake would shine light on a title that may have been skipped out on by people from its original release. Keep in mind, this is a new generation of kids so that means more fans that haven't been exposed to the greatness of Majora's Mask.

  • Davad

    I honestly think the game play mechanics were pretty revolutionary with the 3 days that are resettable thing. Sadly odds are that it isn't the kind of mechanic that would encourage a remake for system feature showoff. Only graphics seem to work for that since they need to stick to the original feel at least somewhat. I think it was a great game honestly. It had an great over world, great characters, creative use of old characters to create new, creative gameplay, and such. It was darker than most Zelda Games, that is not a complaint though. I found the dungeons confusing, and this is from someone who had no trouble with Ocarina of Time's Water Temple, and it only had a few dungeons, but the latter is because of how fast they developed it. I never found Gomess and thus never beat it, but I liked the bosses I did face such as Goht, Odalwa, Garo Master, and such. Overall I feel it was a great game, not necessarily the best in the series, but an important installment and incredible game nonetheless. I think it deserves a remake, but I understand the need not to make them too fast. It should have one eventually though.