Before we all go into a panic, particularly those who prefer the 2DS over the 3DS, these changed have not ruined anything for the 3DS, and the 2DS version does not suffer because of the changes. The Zelda development team, represented by Mr. Aonuma in an interview with GameSpot, expressed the concern that the animation for A Link Between Worlds is specifically geared toward the 3DS and its wonderful 3D capabilities, and thus would be difficult to transition on to the newly arrived 2DS.

He explains:

“It’s not that you can’t play it with 2D, it’s just that it becomes clearer when you have the 3D effect on. We found out about the 2DS during development, not before, and we also made changes so that we were sure that you could still play and solve the puzzles only with 2D. It’s definitely still playable in 2D!”

However, he does still recommend playing on the 3DS.

“A Link Between Worlds is being developed with 60 frames per second, and previous Zelda titles were about half that, about 30fps. The reason for this is because the 3D effect is much more stable with a higher frame rate, with the 60fps. If it’s lower than it’s sometimes hard for your eyes to focus on the appropriate image.”

Basically, the core framework of the animation practically demands 3D capabilities and the game has been inched to perfection so that the graphics are not too distracting, yet are still a high-quality representation of 3D animation. Since the 2DS does not support 3D, naturally some software aspects had to be adjusted so that the game could be played on the 2DS without looking strange or straining the eyes. Think about what a 3D movie looks like in the theater when you aren’t wearing your glasses. Now imagine playing a 40 hour game staring at that. It’s not the best, hence the changes.

Mr. Aonuma also answered some other GameSpot questions having to do with the game itself, not the IT specs. Here is what he had to say:

“If it was just a remake, then I think I’d be nervous about meeting people’s expectations. But in this case it’s a sequel, so it’s the same world but it’s a completely new game with completely new features.”

The fact that A Link Between Worlds is a sequel is key here, because simple remakes are a touchy subject for the Zelda team. To read the full story on why take a look at our article Aonuma on future Zelda remakes. We’ve already seen some sneak peeks at the new features included in the game, so all that’s left is to know how the game will play out. If Aonuma is excited, then I know I am and I hope you all are too! In regards to the overall difficulty and length, Aonuma was very pleased with his end result.

The game itself is designed so that it’s quite easy to play, and quite easy to proceed further and further towards the end of the game. So if you play it all the time directly in a row then it could be that it feels quite quick, and it finishes quickly, but then if you go and do all the side quests it’s quite a long game with a lot of content.

As usual, the game includes what will hopefully manifest into many hours of happy exploring, but for those of you who want the challenges it’s going to be easy enough to skip over all the helpful side quests that would increase the power of your arsenal. So far, so good Mr. Aonuma! I can’t wait to start playing this and my free copy of Oracle of Seasons! What do you think? Will you put down The Wind Waker HD to start playing A Link Between Worlds?

Source: GameSpot
Via: NintendoEverything