We are back again with more scrumptious Zelda music! Halloween is close at hand, so as you might expect, we have some of the spookier music in the franchise lined up. From dungeons to character themes, the Zelda series has its share of creepy music. Hit the jump to listen to our choices for this week!

Alexander’s pick

The Dark World is a spooky, intimidating, unsettling world. This remix of the Dark World Theme by WillRock07 perfectly illustrates the grandness and uneasy nature of the Dark World by arranging a powerful orchestral version of the original 16-bit theme. The snare pushes the piece forward, with the strings in the background subduing the powerful horns and flute in the foreground, establishing an ominous, eerie mood.

Mark’s pick

I first ran across this incredible remix of the Forest Temple from Ocarina of Time on Radio Hyrule. The creator, pixietricks, does a phenomenal job of using vocals to create the eerie aura of the Forest Temple. You can even hear the original background beat from the game. Imagine playing through this dungeon listening to this! Definitely a good tune to get you in the mood for October 31st.