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The German website Gameswelt held an interview with Eiji Aonuma last Monday and gave us a small summary of what they talked about.

In the interview, he confirmed the existence of a Hero Mode. The difficulty setting won’t be a choice the player can make before starting the game, but requires them to have played through it once. In which way the game will be tweaked by the Hero Mode wasn’t stated. It’s not too far-fetched to assume that the changes will be similar to those of the The Wind Waker HD and Skyward Sword Hero Modes. This would include not being able to find any Recovery Hearts when cutting bushes and receive twice the amount of damage when hit by enemies.

Aonuma went on to give us some new background information to A Link Between Worlds‘ developmentShortly after Spirit Tracks was completed, the team started to collect ideas for A Link Between Worlds. He stated that more than 90 staff members have been involved in the production of the latest game in the series.

Source: Gameswelt
  • Bazooie

    "Heart Pieces when cutting crass" needs to be changed to "Hearts when cutting grass".

    • Tonyborbony

      Or "recovery hearts"

  • CEObrainz

    Hero mode should be made a standard for all future games before starting, meaning you can select your difficulty from the menu. I'm sure the Zelda veterans would love that.

  • veeronic

    is anyone else being logged in as a site administrator on the home page?

    • veeronic

      nevermind, looks like it stopped

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