Super Smash Bros - Skyloft

Following from yesterday’s screenshot of Toon Link in peril, today we have a much more peaceful image from the official Super Smash Bros. site. Here we have a wide panoramic shot of the Skyloft stage in another new Wii U screenshot. Many have undoubtedly explored every corner of Skyloft in Skyward Sword, and seen many screenshots of it already in the new Smash, but it’s great to see it in its entirety here. Every little section from SS appears to be present, making for an incredibly faithful recreation.

For those who may not know, players fight on moving platforms that transport them across different parts of the stage, for example on the bridge or in the air. You can also catch a large range of different archived screenshots of the stage over at Smash Wiki.

Sources: Super Smash Bros.
  • MmoGuy

    Interesting.. Now .. on a serious note..

  • MikeL

    Nintendo absolutely has to make an HD edition of Skyward Sword. It doesn't even have to be a remake they spend six months on, they only need to make it run natively in 1080 and re-render the textures, shouldn't take more than a week.