Nintendo 3DS A Link Between Worlds

Nintendo has proven that they are huge fans of limited 3DS XL editions, and though I’d speculate that this trend will soon be coming to an end, we can celebrate their latest creation.

Just in time for the release of A Link Between Worlds Nintendo revealed today that there will be a limited 3DS XL Zelda Bundle. Currently it has been announced for Europe only, however it’s likely that this special edition is going to be seen on store shelves on other continents as well. The hardware’s design is following the theme of A Link Between Worlds, and that being said I have to admit that it does so very well. The 3DS upper screen is golden with the golden Triforce on it, the bottom of the console on the other hand is colored black and shows the dark Triforce. Whenever you open this DS it therefore forms the famous logo of A Link Between Worlds. Note that the whole inside of the system comes in gold as well.

GoldThe bundle can be pre-ordered on the Nintendo UK online store and is listed for £199.99. Unlike the recent limited 3DS edition of Pokémon X and Y, this Zelda bundle includes a game, with A Link Between Worlds downloadable via a provided code.

Those of you who are eager to pre-order the bundle should keep in mind that it does NOT include a power adapter, which needs to be purchased separately.

Furthermore, Nintendo announced that their physical copy is going to include a reversible cover, so that players can choose how they want their copy of A Link Between Worlds to be displayed–much like the recent reversible cover included with the European version of The Wind Waker HD. They have the choice between a fully-coloured design or the classic golden image, the former supposedly appearing like the official artwork below:

A Link Between Worlds - Artwork 1

A Link Between Worlds US Box Art

Source: Connected Digital World
  • EpicNES

    Sooooo cool

  • Mickii

    Oh Din, what have they done… I'VE NEVER SEEN A COOLER LOOKING 3DS!! Why, Nintendo…?
    My poor wallet…

    • jonnyu

      The OoT 3DS is pretty cool.

  • MikeL

    Hey, anyone wants to buy my old black regular 3DS?

    • craZ

      I've got the same problem. I would totally get this, totally! But I got a black 3DS.

      • craZ

        At the same time I am not British

  • Sahasrahla!

    Is all the data on my current 3DSxl able to be transferred by the SD card?

    • kelly

      should be the only problem would be if the game is pre-installed and then you take out that sd card although you could probably just redowload it from the eshop

      • MikeL

        Are you sure about that? From what I understand, Nintendo ties software to the hardware, meaning that if you copy sw from one 3DS to another it wont run on the new one. I could be mistaken.

        • Antonia

          You can find a transfer option in the settings menu, via this option you are able to transfer all game/software licenses from one 3DS to another. Keep in mind that the targeted 3DS is required to not have any licenses of its own since those are overwritten.

          While it's not confirmed, there are rumors that game bundle codes are treated differently. Since this hasn't been confirmed you should make sure that you use the code for A Link Between Worlds after you transferred your old's DS Data, not before that.

          The special treatment of licenses that came with a bundle might mean that the Pokémon game license, which came with its bundle, may not be transferred to the Zelda 3DS.

  • craZ

    This would go perfect with the limited edition Wii U bundle, no doubt

  • Ari

    Dang! I already have a 3ds XL D:

  • RPH1

    I'm keeping my black 3DS, but that is the most awesome redesign I've ever seen!

  • Guest

    damn, i literally just bought a 3DS today… i would've totally waited for this if I had only known a moment sooner..

    although I must admit my red 3DS is sexier than that nasty, cheap looking gold color

  • ShadowLink55

    Just another way for Nintendo to make more money off of us! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Zelda like anyone else but they're ripping us off by taking out the AC Adapter and giving us the downloadable version of the game instead. These Bundles aren't as great as when OoT 3DS Bundle came out. It had a nice looking 3DS and the hardcopy of the game. I bought the Zelda Wii U Bundle for the gamepad, sold the downloadable versions online and bought the limited edition WW Wii U game with the Ganondorf figurine just because they want to be cheap and not include the hard copies anymore. And now this bundle…I'd rather by the hard copy now and wait to buy this 3DS later online from someone who doesn't want to use it anymore. Stop being cheap NINTENDO!!

  • Jordan

    I still want to know why exactly whenever something is announced in America, that's the end of that, but when it's released in Europe, there's speculation and hoping that it'll be released "in other continents" I.e. America
    Still though, gives me something to brag about <3

  • dramallama42

    Can I pre-order this from the UK store and have it sent to North America? :O

  • A girl

    Otherwise it looks amazing.

  • jack

    so wait… does the bundle come with download only? Not the physical game? confused

  • Joe

    Why…. I'm going to buy this now. I have to. It's the most badass Nintendo portable I've ever seen. But that would make it the fourth 3DS I've purchased. Ah well. This will be the last. (Of course, unless they bring out a purple Majora's Mask one)

  • taylormurch

    I'm kind of devastated I bought mine too early for this. IT LOOKS SO COOL.
    At least I still have my Zelda Wii U….