Nintendo held a media event at New York Comic Con earlier today at which Eiji Aonuma discussed A Link Between Worlds and took questions from the crowd. Near the end of the event, a question was asked regarding the possibility of a Majora’s Mask remake—a question many fans have had on their mind for a while now. You may remember a screenshot released last week which showed Majora’s Mask hanging on the wall of the item shop in A Link Between Worlds; however, this appearance may be more than just an easter egg…

Responding to the question, Aonuma roughly said that upon completing A Link Between Worlds, fans may finally get an answer to whether or not Majora’s Mask will receive the remake treatment. This open ended response has room for speculation and may simply mean that the story lines of each game are connected (even though they exist in alternate timeline splits). Nevertheless, this brings new excitement to fans hoping for more of Majora’s Mask.

Source: IGN

    Now this, this is more than just simple speculation, typically Nintendo wouldn't 'hint' towards something unless they intended to do it. So I for one am optimistic about the possibility of a remake, which, as I've said in earlier articles, will most likely come to the 3DS around the middle of next year.

  • Groat Hardstroke

    I'm good with either a remake or a revisit to Termina, preferably on the 3DS.

  • Alzzarla

    It would be cool if they took Termina into ALBW, not just the dark world.
    Or that the dark world is somehow connected to the Termina that Link didn´t save – or did, somehow connecting the Majora's Mask timeline to the dark world, since both are parallel worlds to Hyrule – where Majora now rules… or something.
    Would be cool. And please bear in mind I´m just thinking aloud, so please don´t pester me about it being impossible because because.
    It would be nice, thought, right?

  • stephanie

    Why always nintendo 3Ds? I don't understand that! stop that! The screen is way to small! I want to play zelda on a big screen! It's not comfortable to play anything on that little screen, with your hands so close togheter and you trying to stare into that little screen. com'on! If you want to be drawn into the game, you want to play it on a big screen! with your arms free and space to move!

    • Marcell

      You can really get sucked into that tiny screen, because of the 3DS's 3D.

    • craZ

      You wanna complain about the 3ds's screen, go pay for a 3ds XL and learn to not complain about everything.

    • MikeL

      Yeah, not to mention that huge failure called Game boy with it's tiny display and the miserable failure that Link's awakening was.
      Oh wait, that's not the problem. You're a moron, that's the problem.

    • Baker1000

      Hands so close together? It's not much smaller than typical console controllers. The only difference is you haven't got two "handles" to wrap your remaining fingers around like the GC or PS1/2/3/4 (5/6/7…).

      I love the idea of playing a console Zelda on a handheld and OoT3D was awesome. MM in 3D would be brilliant too, but I also want an original 3DS Zelda in the typical 3rd person console perspective. OoT3D proved it can be done, so we don't always have to stick to top-down view with new Zelda's on handhelds like ALBW and the DS adventures.

    • DarkLink1996

      with space to move? don't play your 3DS in a cupboard then.

  • craZ

    They announced the name of the villain now! It's …….. YUGA! Maye it's like Anaghim, or something else entirely……

  • stefan

    3DS rocks

  • Why do you all want a Majora's Mask remake? I understood before the announcement of The Wind Waker HD, but now, it'll just delay the next new Zelda game! Why not a sequel to Majora's Mask?

    p.s. I understand all of you that love Majora's Mask, it's one of my favorites too.

    • heroofmasks

      not really a remake would be on the 3ds they always work on 2 sometimes 3 zelda games at a time zelda u ww hd and albtw once albtw gets released theyll have time to start the remake then theyll be working on zelda u and mm 3d

    • DarkLink1996

      Because OoT got a remake, it's little brother MM does deserve the same treatment.
      All they need to do is remodel the new characters and areas, and add shaders so the game feels darker.

      They could even just hand it off to GREZZO, so it doesn't take away from Zelda U's dev time
      There is no reason not to.

      • Your argument is perfect. I did not want to stop Nintendo from doing a Majora's Mask remake: it's easily my second favorite Zelda game after The Wind Waker. You know, all I wanted to say is that Nintendo should make a sequel to Majora's Mask, and make it on Wii U! Why so much hate?

        • anonymous

          I would love to see a sequel to Majora's Mask. I think that is a great idea. Majora's Mask is my favourite Zelda game of all time. I love it's atmosphere and I always wanted another Zelda title like it. I know Twilight Princess tried something similar, but it was not the same… Difficult to explain really. Majoras Mask was a atmospheric,haunting, depressing, and quirky game. Twilight Princess kinda of had some of those elements about it…But…For what ever reason. It did not feel the same. Maybe because of how the apocolypse idea was implemented so well in Majora's Mask.

          So yeah…forget Majora's Mask remake! Let's have a sequel!

          • Dust

            I don't think they were trying to make TP feel like MM.

        • Dust

          'Why so much hate?'

          Welcome to the Zelda fanbase. If you have a criticism – even a tiny one – … you had better prepare to be dragged through Hell over it.

    • Dust

      Why not both? 🙂

    • craZ

      A sequel to MM would be cool, but MM3D sorta catches on. MM2 would just get weird. They killed Majora and the moon, end of story. Trust me, Nintendo might be worse off if they did MM2.

      • But how about doing a prequel if you can't find a replacement to Majora? Also, if Ganon is immortal and can revive, probably Majora can too. I think a lot of fans here would agree if I said we should do MM3D AND MM2.

  • Also, please make it on Wii U.

  • decimo anonimo

    If they want to remake Majoras, I hope they have an aproach like the trailer of here

    Please Nintendo, please and make it for the Wii U

    • heroofmasks

      nah it will be for the 3ds every system oot goes on mm goes on brother games plus they wouldnt do that trailer when they remake a game they still keep it similar to the original

  • breakingglass

    It shouldn't matter that the two games are in separate timelines; the split happened during OoT, and according to the official timeline, LttP and MM happen right after the split in their respective timelines. Majora's Mask is apparently an ancient mask, and so would have been created before the split, and would exist in each timeline.

    • craZ

      Yeah, they are gonna have to make Hyrule Historia: Revised Edition to explain these connections.

  • Also ALBW is the next big Zelda Game in the Handheld Line and Successor to ALttP as well, so don't worry about if it is a successor to Majora's Mask or if we revisit the Majora's Mask World or not.

    I will be getting ALBW for Christmas, But that won't keep me from asking if we would see Majora's Mask comes to the 3DS or not.

  • TheGrave

    I do kinda wonder if Lorule is going to be the Downfall TImeline's incarnation of Termina (maybe Lorule is just the name Nintendo's giving it to cover up that it's actually Termina). I mean, we've already seen that Ravio has Majora's Mask in his shop, so we know the mask still exists in the Downfall Timeline. I think it's going to be another game set in Termina, but this time in a different timeline.