Nintendo held a media event at New York Comic Con earlier today at which Eiji Aonuma discussed A Link Between Worlds and took questions from the crowd. Near the end of the event, a question was asked regarding the possibility of a Majora’s Mask remake—a question many fans have had on their mind for a while now. You may remember a screenshot released last week which showed Majora’s Mask hanging on the wall of the item shop in A Link Between Worlds; however, this appearance may be more than just an easter egg…

Responding to the question, Aonuma roughly said that upon completing A Link Between Worlds, fans may finally get an answer to whether or not Majora’s Mask will receive the remake treatment. This open ended response has room for speculation and may simply mean that the story lines of each game are connected (even though they exist in alternate timeline splits). Nevertheless, this brings new excitement to fans hoping for more of Majora’s Mask.

Source: IGN