How adorable is this Wind Waker cake? The cake was custom made by Nerdache Cakes for a 1st birthday party (aw!). Check out Link’s mischievous raised eyebrow, Zelda’s peaceful expression, and the details on the swirling blue fondant waves. More pictures after the cut!






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The entire ship is edible, although the King of Red Lions is carved out of foam and chocolate. The maker wanted to stay true to the style of The Wind Waker by using boxy shapes and smooth finishes throughout. Nerdache Cakes specializes in detailed and over-the-top cake designs. Hop over to  their website and Facebook page for more awesome nerdy cakes!

Source: Nerdache Cakes
Via: Exploded Soda
  • RPH1

    A one year old baby would have no appreciation of that cake, so it must just be for mom and dad. How could you eat that, though? "Mmm… I'm gonna chow down on Zelda's cute little face… ghghgh."

  • Sahasrala!

    Hahaha! That smug look on Link's face! It's perfect. Exactly how I feel when I've got someone in the King of Red Lions with me.