Super Smash Bros Wii U - Link Vs. Toon Link

Last week, Link and Toon Link appeared to team up by combining the might of their Spin Attacks. In today’s screenshot from the official Super Smash Bros. website, however, the duo turn on each other in a showdown of heroes from different generations–and the location couldn’t be better, with Skyloft marking the beginning of the timeline. With The Wind Waker re-released and his recent reveal in the upcoming fighting games, Toon Link is back and ready to steal Link’s glory with the not-so-subtle attack plan of throwing a bomb at close range.

With the bomb bouncing right off, this confirms that Link’s shield will continue to deflect projectiles as with previous titles. Speaking of that bomb, it sure looks shiny and pretty. What won’t be so pretty is if it explodes in Link’s face.

Source: Super Smash Bros.
  • andy

    wow, toon link's a potato head

  • I am so scared but like really really scared to think that they'll switch Zelda for toon link cuz I haven't seen any Zelda Screenshots, anyone have info on this? I need Zelda, I've played with her since ever T_T

    • Zelda is a veteran in SSB and so far all veterans have returned to the series. It just takes awhile for them to add new characters just to add onto the hype.

      • Jokkbrock

        They will hopefully reveal another Zelda character close or at the release of A link between worlds. They've done similar things with Olimar (Pikmin 3), Luigi (Dream Team Bros), Sonic (Sonic – Lost World) and Toon Link (WW HD).

        That's a multi purpose strategy from the developers side, promoting both thier game and other Nintendo titles.

  • Guest

    So, waddya guys think about Link's design? Gotta say, it looks really, really OoT-ish to me…..

    • Dust

      It's 100% Twilight Princess Link with a boost of color, which is awesome.

  • Benjamin Bradford

    What about a toon Zelda? You could give her light arrows, make some moves like B-UP take advantage of her ghost form from ST. Then, you could let her transform into Tetra much like Zelda turns into Sheik, OR she could change into a possessed phantom.