A La Cartridge - The Wind Waker HD

For some pun-known reason, The Wind Waker HD appears to bring out the very best (or very worst) of Nintendo Life‘s and Destructoid‘s abilities to make Zelda-related puns. If you planned on cringing and/or laughing hard today, you’ll definitely want to check out these videos.

Also, Saria in advance for putting my own puns in this post. I know they’re Farore-ful but Din be sad–Gohma watch the video Anju won’t regret it. Don’t forget to Tael all your friends!

First off, we have Nintendo Life’s “Punboxing” video of The Wind Waker HD Ganondorf bundle–off to a great start, with a pun in the very title of the video. You may have seen some unboxing videos of the bundle or even had the pleasure of opening it yourself by now, but it’s the commentary that’s the real attraction here. Rory Cocker of Nintendo Life goes a step further by throwing around terrible jokes with hilariously deadpan delivery while he unboxes–with intonation emphasised on each pun just to make sure you get it. It sure would be a shame if you missed one, after all. I like this guy.

But I swear that Ganondorf figure looked Biggoron the official trailer.

Next we have the most recent episode of Destructoid’s Á La Cartridge. It’s a show I’m rather fond of hosted by Steven Hansen, wherein he shares recipes of cuisine based specifically on a recent game, and demonstrates how to prepare it. In his latest video, Steven’s jokes get particularly fishy while he cooks a WWHD-themed poached salmon. Quality comedy and great food? Sir, you spoil us.

But I hope you don’t plan on Keaton all of that by yourself.

You can go read the full recipe over on Destructoid!

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Via: Nintendo Life, Destructoid