In a Japanese interview with 4Gamer, Eiji Aonuma revealed that Wind Waker HD took only about six months to develop. Aonuma also discussed why Wind Waker HD was developed for the Wii U.  Hit the jump for the full scoop.

In the interview. Aonuma stated that he didn’t want to waste time by simply testing the Wii U hardware. His full comment is as follows:

“Yes. I thought it would be a waste to for this to simply be a test of the hardware. After that, I was told by staff, that this would not take too much time to develop. It takes a long time to develop a brand new game, so I thought it would be a shame to not have a Zelda game on the Wii U for a while. So I felt like it would be best to deliver something that can be done quickly and began work on the HD version.”

He also addressed the often ridiculed second half of the game, and stated that with this remake, he wished to remedy some of the problems present in the original game:

“With the original release of Wind Waker, the first half of the game was well received, the later portion on the other hand, needed to be re-evaluated. That was my first time in control of the direction of the game and designing a game from scratch, there were some portions that I wanted to expand upon. If a remake were to happen, I believed I could work on some of those portions.”

Finally, Aonuma divulged the details on how long it took to develop Wind Waker HD:

“It took about 6 months. Development was still difficult. You had to consider the difference in hardware at the time. Additionally there is a technique known as toon shading, which gives the game a very animated look. At that time, the technique was established, but had not be used before by our staff, everyone had to do everything by hand.”

Even though Aonuma claims that it took only half a year to develop the game, it was still a difficult process, particularly because of the cel-shaded art style that encompasses the game. The full Japanese interview can be viewed at 4Gamer, with a summary of it available at Nintendo Everything.

Source: 4Gamer
Via: Nintendo Everything