Today, October 4th, 2013, marks the official retail and digital launch of The Wind Waker HD in Europe! To all you Aussies from the future, you may be celebrating (or close to) Australia’s launch too on October 5th by the time you read this. While the US launch was two weeks ago via the Wii U eShop, today also marks the day that the game hits retail in the States. If you were waiting patiently for a boxed copy, the Ganondorf bundle or even the Wii U bundle, then you’re in for a fun weekend indeed.

Happy sailing!

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  • RPH1

    I got mine! It's fantastic. One funny thing when I opened the box: I looked at the manual, it said hit the home button and read the electronic manual. Otherwise, it looks great and the controls work well, too. I've been down right giddy, today.

  • MikeL

    Hey, does anyone know why the download code for Hyrule Historia wasn't included in my Wii U bundle? All I got was a trial of some stupid karaoke nonsense. Is the Hyrule historia download NA exclusive?