albw map


A screenshot of the world map from A Link Between Worlds was shown on the recent Nintendo Direct. The overworld for the Light World looks to be identical to the one that debuted in A Link to the Past. All of the key landmarks from A Link to the Past are present, from the Lost Woods to Kakariko village. What other interesting bits lie in this screenshot? Hit the jump to find out!

There are a few interesting things that appear in this screenshot. The most interesting of which seems to be the Triforce button on the bottom right. It appears as if the button will act as a quick and convenient way for the Link to travel between the Light and Dark Worlds, though this is currently just speculation. Will the player be able to use it at any time? Will the player have to unlock the ability to use the button? That remains to be seen.

There is also the bell icon on the bottom left corner. There is speculation that this has to do something with the newly announced item shop that will play a large role in the game. It could possibly be a convenient means of accessing the store, but it’s true use remains to be seen. Another interesting note is the fact that Link can now seemingly carry over 999 Rupees, with 1097 Rupees being displayed in the top right-hand corner. Other icons on the left side of the map that range from the plus sign on the top and what seems to be a picture of an enemy/creature below it, to the pin icon. What purpose these icons serve remains to be seen.

Source: Nintendo Direct
Via: GoNintendo