A Link Between Worlds - New Dungeon

During today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast, a new dungeon was revealed for A Link Between Worlds with strong shades of green. There are turbines and wind inside which possibly suggest that this a Wind (or maybe Earth) temple, or something similar. Perhaps most interestingly, however, Iwata says that:

“From a certain point in this new title, the order you approach each dungeon, and the way you do so, is up to you. So, to a large degree, the player can decide how to progress through the story.”

Here are some items spotted during the footage:

  • Link uses his bow to hit a switch;
  • Link uses a Hookshot to travel across cliffs;
  • Link has flippers which allow him to dive underwater.

You can see the footage for yourself below; the A Link Between Worlds announcements begin at 24:53. You’ll also find a handful of screenshots from the footage.

Nintendo Direct A Link Between Worlds 1

Nintendo Direct A Link Between Worlds 2

Nintendo Direct A Link Between Worlds 3

Nintendo Direct A Link Between Worlds 4

Source: Nintendo Direct
  • Ryano

    Maybe I'm late to the party, but I am now officially excited for this game!!! Please let these ideas flow over to Zelda Wii U!!! I'm loving Nintendo right now.

    • Rupee

      "Please let these ideas flow over to Zelda Wii U!!!" – Believe me, they will.

  • Guest

    Fans always seem to wonder if Nintendo actually listens to their compliments/ complaints/ and inquiries… this seems to say "Yes," they do.

    For some time now I've been hearing among the Zelda community that the series hasn't been open-ended enough, that players should be able to pick their own path and progress through the game in the order of their choosing, etc.

    Well, they listened 🙂

  • craZ

    This looks very fun. This footage added to the cinematic scenes they will have in this games equals up to epicness.

  • Joe

    I'm excited because it seems Nintendo is going back to the essence of what makes a Zelda game a Zelda game. A Link Between Worlds is the most promising game in years and I can't wait to see what's being developed on Wii U.

  • RPH1

    I guess this idea of picking the dungeon order is why there is a shop full of dungeon items. You might not be pre-equipped to take on a particular dungeon, so you get it from Nabbit.

    I like the way the water looks.

    Did you ever wonder what Link did to make the Zoras in the LOZ-ALTTP-LA-ALBW era to make them so mad that they spit energy balls at him instead of proposing marriage to him?

    • Fred

      it's not Nabbit…