At the end of the recent Nintendo Direct, we got a look at some new content from the upcoming title A Link Between Worlds. New characters were pictured, as well as some returning ones. There is also a very interesting cutscene picture of Link. Hit the jump to view the screenshots and watch the Nintendo Direct!

The first thing touched on was the shopkeeper, who is named Ravio, and his apparent resemblance to Nabbit. While there is some, it was stated that there was no link between the two characters. Below you can see the comparison, as well as a screenshot of Ravio in the game.



Next, there was a screenshot shown of Princess Zelda, what looks like a Zora royalty figure, and Dampé the Gravedigger!




After this, we got a look at some new characters. No information has been given for them, but it is cool to have the screenshots nonetheless. The names of the two characters are Irene and Hilda, respectively.



Last of all, there was an interesting cutscene that shows Link morphing through the wall. Whether this is him receiving the power to become a wall character, a dramatic entrance on his part, or an extension of the power later on, we don’t know. Have a gander though!


If you want to see the footage for yourself, or watch the whole Nintendo Direct, I have embedded the video below for your enjoyment. For reference, the information on A Link Between Worlds starts at 24:75, and ends at 28:20.

Source: Nintendo Direct
  • Hoocher

    Wario -> Nabbit -> Ravio. RaVio is just an anagram for VVaRio. Don't see why anyone would care, it's just a simple nod to the franchise.


    pienso que eso de rentar los objetos le quita diversión al juego… espero equivocarme

  • Ell

    I get the idea Hilda will be related to the "other" Triforce that's frequently mentioned. I say that because she's dressed similarly to Zelda, has a staff and dress with an upside-down Triforce, and due to the last syllable of her name being the same as Zelda's. Just a theory, though.

    • craZ

      Hahaha, Zelda is finally gonna have a long-lost evil sister. Maybe Ganon poisoned her mind. We won't know until November, anyhow. Did any of you wath the new Mario 3d World traileer. The game looks incredible

    • ijuinkun

      That reminds me of another pair of women named Hilda and Zelda–the aunts of Sabrina, the Teenaged Witch.

      The inverted Triforce does seem interesting though–perhaps the Dark World has some sort of Shadow Triforce of its own, and Link has to prevent it from being used for great evil?

  • HylianWolf

    This seens like a zelda: alttp remake or at least a reimagining of the game. After skyward swords messing up of the timeline (yes im serious, didnt like the premise) we shall see what direction this game takes.

    • heroofmask

      how pray tell did ss screw up the timeline it came first and explained why ganon wants the triforce and why link gets reincarnated every games it didnt screw anything up and if your going by the link gets his cap in mc hes always hat that cap it was just a alking minish transformed into it

  • Amanda

    Link warping through the wall looks pretty cool. After watching the Nintendo Direct, I'm finally excited for the game.

  • TheGrave

    Anyone else seen this person:

    I swear it looks like a female Ganondorf. I'm guess whoever it/she is, is the "other world's" Ganon.

    • Colton

      I would bet my money that the character is none other than Twinrova.

      • TheGrave

        Twinrova is a good guess as well. I just thought 'female Ganondorf' because of the nose and red hair. She looks like she might be a Gerudo.

    • RPH1

      Ooh, she's creepy.

  • Octalink

    In Ravio´s shop you can see the majora´s mask (if you pause the video of nintendo direct, you will see it in a wall).

  • RPH1

    You can see legs and concrete below the water's surface and texture in the grass. That's pretty darn neat.

  • norebo

    customizable text boxes?