Although the Wii U has not quite done a bunk; it is falling significantly behind its fellow next-gen systems, even within the Nintendo universe. There was a lot of confusion in the beginning about the Wii U being its own system or some type of controller add-on to the Wii. Nintendo UK has recognized that this confusion is still present and needs to be addressed in order to revitalize the Wii U in the gaming marketplace.

Nintendo UK told MCV that they have decided to target current Wii owners in a new ad campaign that consists of five-page pamphlets distributed to customers who have purchased a new system since the Wii, commercials for the large franchises such as Mario and Zelda, a high increase in online promotions of the products and possibly some coupons.

Essentially, Nintendo UK is taking action against the large misconceptions about the Wii U and trying to get the public just as excited as they are about the system. It has been pointed out that consumers just don’t understand the value of the Wii U, and many consumers themselves would agree. This new idea for selling the Wii U may very well have a large impact. They are planning the various methods to be active until around Christmas, after Nintendo has had the chance to release more games for the console, as well as provide enticing information about games to come.

Shelly Pearce, the UK marketing director, says that the Wii is the “number one Nintendo console for brand awareness.” It follows that if the large number of people thinking about, playing or buying a Wii can be redirected into an upgrade to the Wii U, the system will fare better. It all comes down to helping the customer base understand the Wii U and its capabilities so that it becomes something worth investing in. Hopefully we will see not only an increase in sales, but an increase in the games available between now and the holiday season.

Source: MCV
Via: Nintendo Everything
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