Although the Wii U has not quite done a bunk; it is falling significantly behind its fellow next-gen systems, even within the Nintendo universe. There was a lot of confusion in the beginning about the Wii U being its own system or some type of controller add-on to the Wii. Nintendo UK has recognized that this confusion is still present and needs to be addressed in order to revitalize the Wii U in the gaming marketplace.

Nintendo UK told MCV that they have decided to target current Wii owners in a new ad campaign that consists of five-page pamphlets distributed to customers who have purchased a new system since the Wii, commercials for the large franchises such as Mario and Zelda, a high increase in online promotions of the products and possibly some coupons.

Essentially, Nintendo UK is taking action against the large misconceptions about the Wii U and trying to get the public just as excited as they are about the system. It has been pointed out that consumers just don’t understand the value of the Wii U, and many consumers themselves would agree. This new idea for selling the Wii U may very well have a large impact. They are planning the various methods to be active until around Christmas, after Nintendo has had the chance to release more games for the console, as well as provide enticing information about games to come.

Shelly Pearce, the UK marketing director, says that the Wii is the “number one Nintendo console for brand awareness.” It follows that if the large number of people thinking about, playing or buying a Wii can be redirected into an upgrade to the Wii U, the system will fare better. It all comes down to helping the customer base understand the Wii U and its capabilities so that it becomes something worth investing in. Hopefully we will see not only an increase in sales, but an increase in the games available between now and the holiday season.

Source: MCV
Via: Nintendo Everything
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  • Link-182

    They should just make a commercial that show a bunch of sweet gameplay, and someone says:
    "This is Nintendo's all new console, with an all new touch screen controller, and beautiful HD graphics. This is the Wii 2, and it's called the Wii U!"

    Like that.
    And then people would be like, oooh, its a NEW console!

    • Ganondorj2

      That's not half bad 😀

    • link-273

      I know! spot on with that one. nintendos marketing always seems to be lacking

  • Datahound

    I think the issue with current wii owners is simple. With a console with such fantastic backwards compatibility, some feel that there is no necessity to upgrade. I am one of those people who owns a SNES, N64, Gamecube and Wii, yet questions the need to upgrade their system while there is such a fantastic archive of Nintendo memorabilia.

    If I did buy a Wii U it would be because there was something striking, something new that really caught my eye. I personally am not a fan of the new controllers which may seem insignificant and petty, but if I am playing for long periods of time, I want a wired controller which fits into the hand like a glove, not a Ipad style user-face. Now I'm from the generation of small, efficient controllers and feel that this block takes away from the sleek, professional add-ons which have been present within the franchise since its realisation.

    I accept that for the younger generation, a parellel can be formed with the 3DS user-face, and that there are positives which come from this new design, but one of the few things which really made the Wii stand out was its compatibility with Gamecube controllers. Being able to play Crono Trigger on a Wavebird really felt like it couldn't get any better. I feel that the Wii U has come to soon, as there is a community which hasn't yet moved on from the Wii. I am sure as time passes it shall have a raise in sales and marketing campaigns will surely help, but for the time being Nintendo should monopolise on a current market as well as their future.

    This is a subjective perspective, something which I normally try to refrain from expressing, but I really feel that it would be a great strength to Nintendo if they were made aware of the views of their long time clients. Maybe my view is archaic and out of touch with the current society but I would be truly interested how many people agree and disagree with the view I just put forth. Also if there was to be a market campaign for the Wii U I'm pretty sure Link-182 hit the nail on the head, except I would probably hire that deep movie trailer guy who normally starts by saying 'coming to a theatre near you' because he could literally sell anything. To prove this point check out

  • mcdude910

    It's really funny how something as dumb as the name of the console can have such a huge impact on how it sells. Who's idea was it to name it like a peripheral?

  • Anon

    The problem with the Wii U, is that there's, what, three decent games out at the moment? New Super Mario Bros U, Wind Waker, and Wonderful 101.

    The New Super Mario series is always pretty much the same game, and we've already played Wind Waker (and HD graphics don't exactly bring much to the table when the game's original graphics still look good).

    All the other games, just like with the Wii, are shovelware.

    If Nintendo wants to be competitive, they need better first-party support (none of this "one Nintendo-made game a year" crap).
    Western developers aren't interested in making games for an outdated piece of hardware, so the majority of (non-casual) gamers who own a Wii or Wii U bought them as a "Mario and Zelda machine".

    And when the Mario series is the same old derivative crap, and the only new Zelda is one we already played 10 years ago… why would we buy a Wii U?

    • Lunamrath

      You're forgetting Pikmin 3, which is far from shovelware, but your point still stands. In the WiiU lies a promising future though. For now, we'll just have to be patient.

      • Phil

        You can't forget about Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate or Nintendo Land! That brings the list to 6 games all of which are wii u exclusive. There are also great non exclusive games too. Assassin's Creed 3, Black Ops 2, ect.

  • RPH1

    When I read that people don't know that Wii U is new, it reminds me of just how many stupid people there are out there. 30 % of the new iphones have already been destroyed because people thought they were waterproof. They said they were told by the apple ads that they were waterproof. That was ads for Samsung 4 active. They just say an ad for any phone and dunked their new phone in the drink. Come on!

  • Nintendo never dies

    I love the wii u and I still have my old wii the good thing is you can still use the old games from the wii to the new wii u and still have the same controller it enables you to have both a bit of the new and old the technology and ideas behind the wii u is fascinating and really fun with 2 player games I love it and would never trade mine in.

  • Saratje

    They should just drop the name WiiU and remarket it as Wii² in Europe.

    This issue about confusion on what the WiiU is because of commercial adds focussing on the controller has gone on long enough. People don't get the joke in the WiiU name, with U being a popular way of writing 'you' (meaning the console is also for single player). Just like previously nobody really got that two i's in Wii represents two players. They should have turned the two ii's into two mii characters, to symbolize two players. And the U logo of WiiU should be a little mirror on the box, so that you see your own face in it and understand it's meant for you.

    Wii². Because 'Weetwo" sounds similar enough to "Weeyou" and parents will easily understand 2 comes after 1, thus Wii² would be a successor. They never had problems renaming Famicon to Nintendo Entertainment System either in the west, so just go for it. Slap a LED into with optional colours (my nav has it, you change it in settings) and it's all brand new again, ready to sell for 50 euros less.

    Wii² – "The new Wii, made for You".