Wind Waker HD - Tingle Statue

Some of you may already be enjoying The Wind Waker HD yourselves at this point, or you may have even finished the game. For those still waiting on their copy of the game, however, or for those who may have missed this during their playthrough: we’ve found yet another new change in the HD remake from the original game.

We’ve long been wondering just what has happened to the Tingle Statue sidequest, now that the Tingle Tuner has been removed. This was a crucial component in completing the quest, as only using the Tingle Tuner on the Game Boy Advance could you locate the chests containing the statues, and use a Tingle Bomb to expose the chests on the TV screen. Now, Link can simply use his own bombs to reveal the chests, which remain in the same positions as they were in the original game. Hit the jump for a guide video which shows all the Tingle Statue locations–though please note that, if you are a new player, you may consider this spoilers if you want to complete the quest with no help.

Speaking of new players, it’s odd that there no longer appears to be any hints at finding each chest. Players of the original game may remember each location, but newbies are kind of left in the dark. However, perhaps this is part of the reason why Nintendo included the Tingle Bottle, so that players can rely on help using the Miiverse.

In any case, here’s the video:

Source: N3DSItalia on YouTube
Via: GoNintendo