If you are into room decor, boy have we got something for you! The folks over at Blik have released a series of eight wall decals portraying the stained glass art from The Wind Waker. Above is just one of those eight decals. The rest are just as gorgeous as this one! Hit the jump to view the rest of the decals, specifications, and instructions for how you can win one of them before the end of September 19th!

Size wise, these decals are all different shapes, although they are definitely large. This allows you to choose whatever decals would best fit your room size. You do pay for quality though. The base cost of these beautiful specimens is $37 dollars, which is manageable for some, though not for all. It is a great opportunity for those of you who are really into decor! But I digress. On to the contest information!

Note, this contest information will be obsolete after September 19th at 11:59 PM PST. If you complete the instructions before that time though, you will be entered in the contest. All the contest requires is for you to go to the announcement page here and leave a comment detailing which decal you like the most and why. After the specified date, five winners will randomly be chosen to win one decal of their choice!

The page containing the posters and their specific information is located right here. My personal favorite is the Hero’s Bow. It reminds me of one of the early released pictures of Skyward Sword Link holding the bow. Below are the seven other decals. Check them out!








Source: Blik
Via: Kotaku
  • RPH1

    Cool, but do wall decals stick to bumpy walls? I can't remember what it's called. Do you know what I mean? Those NFL Fatheads won't stay up.

    • Link


  • Saiberion

    The decals look nice, but somehow I think at least one of the pictures is photoshopped.
    I can't believe that anyone could sit still in the exactly same position in to different pictures.

    • gravyfan

      Oh absolutely. The whole point of having the decals put in the perspective of a room is to give people an idea of how big they are.

  • JBDCool

    LOL the third one I think was a featured piece of artwork on this site. It's my lock screen.

    • JBDCool

      Excuse me it was the fourth not the third wasn't counting the one at the top.

  • Guest

    awesome way to hold on to your virginity forever

    • :)

      Oh, please. The Zelda posters and maps of Hyrule all over my walls never deterred any of the guys that I've brought home. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Ganondorf

        Is that an invitation? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Steven Castineiras

    I love the decal featuring the grappling hook. It captures the darker, action oriented side of the game that is sometimes overlooked because of the colorful, cartoonish art style. And it’s that combination of styles that makes Wind Waker my favorite Zelda title. Oh, and that boss battle on Dragon Roost was EPIC!

  • LordRahl

    Some years ago, I started printign out things from zelda and pasting them on my door. These stained glass poictures are also on them, in the center. Together with wallpapers from OoT, WW, ,FH,ST, MM,MC, and TP.