Miyamoto and Aonuma

Despite being the director of the Zelda series, Eiji Aonuma still sees Shigeru Miyamoto as a leading figure in the franchise’s development. He told Official Nintendo Magazine UK that he measures his personal success not by sales figures or review scores, but by Miyamoto’s approval.

“I think that Miyamoto is the most important user for the Zelda games before their release. How he sees the games is a guide for us in terms of whether what we are making is any good, including whether it is right for Zelda, because users will be sure to judge them even more harshly after the release.”

Aonuma feels he is improving more and more at reaching Miyamoto’s satisfaction, but he still aims for one ultimate goal: to hear Miyamoto tell him “I couldn’t make a game like this”.

“A long time ago I came up with the phrase ‘upending the tea table’ for him, but recently there haven’t been any big upendings, so maybe that’s proof that I’ve come closer to his vision. My dream is to have Miyamoto say to me, ‘This is amazing. I couldn’t make a game like this,’ but there’s still a long way to go. I will keep trying my best.”

I’m sure many fans will agree that Aonuma has consistently amazed us with his games, and his hard work and passion for Zelda is not going unrecognised. We know you’ll hear those words one day!

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine UK
Via: Nintendo Everything