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A Link Between Worlds is set to be a true sequel to A Link to the Past. Staying true to its roots, ALBW brings back the music from ALttP, but with a fresh orchestral sound. In a recent interview with Official Nintendo Magazine, Eiji Aonuma states:

“We will be using arrangements of music from A Link to the Past, since this is a sequel to that game, and we are also trying to make the music sound like it’s played on real instruments. People who know the original will definitely be able to tell and be happy about it, while newcomers will also be able to enjoy it.”

Gamers who grew up with the original will enjoy revisiting the music, while newer gamers get to experience it for the first time. This creates an excellent opportunity for entire families to connect and play together.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine
Via: Go Nintendo
  • Trance

    This make me so happy.

  • Dan

    This is great news. Music is so important to gameplay, it's one of things that I love noticing about sequels.

  • Tony Single

    Can't wait for this!

  • Vladislak

    Good stuff! Here's hoping they have some awesome new tracks in addition to the phenomenal classics.

    • Canyarion

      Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Every Zelda game should have (some) new Zelda music!

  • Konyuna

    Oh boy, rev up those nostalgia.

    (Just make sure Ganon's meaty claws don't touch it though.)

    • You wanna say that to my face!?

  • DrNedaj

    This is not saying its orchestrated. It said they are trying to make it sound like real instruments. I would c ompare this to ZREOs music. It was in fact synthesized but with sounds that sounded like real instruments not real instruments themselves (except twilight symphony)