Zelda Cosplay PAX Prime 2013

Dragon Con wasn’t the only big convention where Zelda fans came out to play a couple of weekends ago. The US Labor Day weekend also played host to PAX, one of the largest consumer-focused gaming conventions in the world. Nintendo and the Zelda series had a strong presence, with demos of both The Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds available for fans to play, and a special Zelda-themed quest for a t-shirt. They even had a model of the King of Red Lions for people to stand in and have their photo taken. And like any good convention, there was plenty of cosplay. I ran around snapping pictures of all of the Zelda cosplayers I could find, so if you were at PAX dressed as a Zelda character, you might just see your picture here!

Zelda Cosplay PAX Prime 2013






















Unfortunately, this isn’t everyone who participated in Zelda cosplay at PAX. I saw a couple of people going the wrong way on escalators and I wasn’t able to stop them for a picture. I saw a modern-day Business Scrub; a guy in a business suit wearing a Deku mask and carrying a briefcase; and a second Skull Kid complete with Tael. I’m sure that there were others I didn’t see as well!

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  • See, if it were me running a Zelda site, my instinct would be to *avoid* covering the more embarrassing, depressing and terrible Zelda-related stuff going on in the world and just focus on the positive side.

    • Lyn

      I agree, gosh those people are UGLY.

    • Reece

      The only depressing embarrassment here is your narrow-minded attitude and insults towards other people who enjoy what they do. This is why you're NOT running a Zelda site.

      • craZ

        Here here!

      • GanonLives

        Well said

      • Awesome retort! I bet that guy feels like a real dumb-ass now!

      • <3 you Reece!

        • Reece

          <3 you more :3

          Thanks for sharing this post!

  • Trance

    MY BOY!

  • This is why you're NOT running a Zelda site.

  • gravyfan

    Great pictures! I love how this series has left an impact on so many people from many different age groups and backgrounds.

    • I.e. white and twenty-five to thirty-five.

      • gravyfan

        Well, speaking strictly on behalf of myself, I'm 17. Even though I do know a bunch of diverse Zelda fans. I'm sorry that your experience has not been the same.

        Also sir, I think you lost to this post before you started. I think you're on your way to setting a definite record for dislikes. Your total is at -30 currently, so keep it up! I hear we need some new world records in the books.

        Cheers! 🙂

  • Nman

    Midna cosplay was amazing! Gave me a boner…

  • RPH1

    Do you think the boy in the Zora Armor and Iron Boots walked around really slowly & makes a lot of noise? I would like to go to one of these as Goron Link to show off my arms, or maybe Twilight Princess Link before he got the green suit.

  • ALL of these guys looked amazing, and those I had a chance to chat with were really excited to have their pictures appear on a large website like this one. In fact, some are regular visitors to this site and were super-excited when I told them which site I was from. Their happiness, and not to mention their love of Zelda, was infectious and it made me so happy as well. Anyone who takes the time and effort to dress up as a Zelda character is immediately awesome. It takes a lot of guts to go out in costume in the first place. Zelda Universe is a site for all Zelda fans, not just for pictures of cosplay that some may consider "beautiful" (we all have different opinions anyway) and so the only pictures I won't post are those who don't want their picture posted.

    • Josh

      Couldn't have put it better myself 😀

  • lulles

    Haha the king one made my day.

  • Mickii

    Tingle! XDDD Fantastic! The one you described as a man in a suit and deku mask sounds excellent! A bussiness scrub! How clever! I wish I could have seen it! XD