A Link Between Worlds US Box Art

A Link Between Worlds has been the talk of the Zelda community for a while now, and the information we now have gives a decent impression as to how general gameplay will function, as well as how a few new tidbits will mix up the story and provide something unexpected. What we haven’t heard a lot about is the online feature(s), which could provide any number of additional possibilities.

In the upper right corner of the game box (see above) you can make out the Nintendo Network symbol, solidifying the use of online capabilities with A Link Between Worlds. There have not been any official announcements as of yet that tell us what the network will be used for, so unfortunately all we can do for now is to speculate on its usage. I am hoping for a better version of the Spirit Tracks multiplayer and trading features, which allowed players to battle against their friends and exchange treasures. However, the exchange option is advertised as being convenient with players you don’t know. After trying it out I have to say that this is not the case. You could find yourself sitting around for hours with your items ready for trade and nothing happening.

I think the coolest possibility would be an online community application where a player can interact with other players while playing their own game. Though this is unlikely, let me explain. In Dark Souls, a Sony game, players can drop items for each other when they are interacting on the same plane, helping each other or engaging in PvP. Since items of all kinds will be necessary like we’ve never seen before, the option to help out other players or receive help would be awesome. However, these types of interaction are 100% dependent on network access.

What do you think the network connection will provide? Do you have any particular hopes about multiplayer options?

Source: Nintendo Everything