Picto Box

So we are a little late on this news as it appears to have slipped past us, but regardless it’s an important detail to report for those who may not yet know.  We’ve mentioned before that the Picto Box in Wind Waker HD has undergone some upgrades since the original game, with Link now able to take selfies and photos can now be uploaded to Miiverse. But as GameXplain reveals in a first-hand impressions video, the Picto Box can now hold up to twelve pictographs at a time, instead of the annoyingly limited three slots in the GameCube version. You can check out the video after the jump, with this particular tidbit of information beginning at 2:10.

Source: GameXplain YouTube
  • craZ

    So I played wind waker, but never this part. Why do you need the pictograph for bosses?

  • Now if you can hand in more than 1 Photo at a time to the Nintendo Gallery guy, we'll be set.

  • craZ

    Ok, thanks. Is there like a prize for getting all the figures?

  • Echon

    Hear, hear! @_@ The thought of playing Song of Passing over and over and over….