Zelda Symphony

New dates for Symphony of the Goddesses – Second Quest have recently been announced for North America. The most notable date is the concert’s return to the Chicago Theatre on November 22nd. Seeing the Zelda Symphony return to locations it has already been to is great. Whether you’ve been before, or missed it the first time, it gives people another opportunity to go and see this fantastic concert. Check out the newly updated schedule after the break!

Zelda Symphony Schedule

Visit the Zelda Symphony Website now to order your tickets (they sell out fast)!

Source: GoNintendo
Via: Zelda Dungeon
  • AleixASV

    They need to come to Barcelona plus the city is gorgeous and i'm sure they'd love it!

  • skywraith

    I was at the Toronto 2nd quest concert on Saturday and having been my 3rd outing (I flew out to the first one in LA and saw the first one they had in Toronto) I was actually slightly disappointed. Eimear Noone was nowhere to be found and the rhythm section seemed off for most of the evening (whether these two issues are exclusive of each other I have no idea). I'm sure there are reasons for having a different conductor but being a musician myself the lack of rhythm in the snare player was kind of grinding on my ears a lot of the time.