After a new shop screen for A Link Between Worlds revealed that key items were potentially for sale rather than waiting in dungeons for Link to find them, Eiji Aonuma has revealed that the collection of Rupees will be crucial to the core storyline–a stark contrast to their usual role as currency for optional quests and healing articles. As you can see in this screenshot, the usual items we find hidden in dungeons, such as the boomerang, bow and arrows, hookshot and more are lain out for Link’s perusal. After Aonuma’s statement, the gaming community believes that the progression dynamics of the game will be very different from what we have previously experienced.

Aonuma told Official Nintendo Magazine UK:

“Collecting rupees, the currency of the Zelda world, will be very important in this game. You might think that was the case with all the past games too, but I must say that this time it will be more important than ever and you will need to collect a great deal of them.”

Zelda games have never kept Rupees from the players and generally a little patience garners enough of them to buy whatever may be needed, whether it be a potion, some consumables or a shield. However, the implications behind having to actually purchase your key items would lead to one of two options: Either Rupees, out of necessity, will be more abundant in the overworld in order to let Link obtain these items in a reasonable amount of time, or they will be hidden in chests more often than simply laying about in the tall grass, forcing Link into potentially more dungeons, caves and random holes than ever before. If the former, I suspect getting Rupees will be reminiscent of collecting force gems in Four Swords. If the latter, then we can expect quite the new adventure!

With Link’s new ability of transforming into a drawing and moving on walls in order to find hidden treasures, the possibilities for sneaking Rupees into unlikely places are great. As modern Zelda games expanded, the items that Link is charged with seeking out have expanded as well. Perhaps, in lieu of searching for pieces of treasure, Gold Skulltulas, masks and pearls, we will be searching for money in order to move forward or gain special abilities.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine UK
Via: Nintendo Everything
  • Soltera

    Finally all of those pointless rupee chests in dungeons will have a purpose.

    • shadow_link

      Rupees have always had a purpose in the game just not at this scale. But usually the rupees found in game help aid the player to make the main quest easier.

      • Guest

        Thanks for clarifying that shadow_link. Could you add more detail?

  • Cinosful

    Why link have a brown tunic in this image? And that's a fairy?

    • RPH1

      Ever since they 1st showed that picto, I've been wondering if Link would have a Fairy companion. No one mentioned her. People just talked about the weapons for sale or Nabbit.
      I never noticed the brown tunic, so you beat me there.

      • Amy

        I did mention that it was a bird in the last picto. My name was gameover. I use that name in a player vs player called castle age ios.

      • AguaLetsCosplay

        I assume the tunic is your starting one, or maybe Link is a blacksmith of a sort? Just my take on it. I mean, wouldn't want to get your tunic dirty while making or repairing something! … Why he wears it in a shop??? Uhh, he's on the job?

    • Amy

      Its a parrot not a fairy! Lol I think it looks like a bird because there WAS a bird that transported Link around Lttp. Lttp was before OoT and before the "story narrator fairy". (Navi) So, Nintendo had to solve a problem and the flute/bird might be the solution. Interesting, I wonder what they did to the story?

    • The Doctor

      I see a deep green rather than brown…

  • Archer of Light

    Maybe we'll have to find treasure to sell?

  • Marshall

    I think that is the reduced damage tunic that you get like the one in a link to the past Which was red. I never noticed the brown (red) tunic until now either, after seeing that, I'm wondering if the sword will upgrade like the one in a link to the past. Also I don't believe that's a fairy.

  • TwiliMidona

    Well if there's such a high dependence on rupees then I hope that the wallet will be unlimited from the very beginning or at least have a higher capacity. I don't want it to be like other Zelda games where I'm too lazy too get the largest wallet, fill my current one to the max and then find 200 rupees in a chest. To be fair, TP let's you put it back in the chest if your wallet is full but I'm too lazy to go back when I'm down on rupees :3

  • Mickii

    Oh, where do I start?! Well, if the wallet is unlimited, or at the very least, considerably large, then I'm looking foward to saving my rupees; it's something I've always enjoyed (save for buying the bow in LA WITHOUT shoplifting).

    Then, there's that strange bird fairy thing, that could be anything! It wasn't in the demo preview, or the trailer, so I wonder if it's even with Link. O.o

    As for the tunic, well I assumed it was one of Link's many in the game, seeing how that's how aLttP went down. And since all of those items are still on the shelf, it must be very early in the game, so it might very possibly be his first tunic. Especially since it matches his hat (what with the brown band instead of yellow).

    But, who knows?! That's just my observance! I can't wait to get my hands on this game to see what everything really is!

  • Silver-chan

    Could that "fairy" be the bee from Lttp that could catch in the bottle and kill enemies?