Wii U eShop

Recently we reported that The Wind Waker HD will be available early in the US on September 20th, via both an eShop release and the Wii U bundle which includes a code for the digital copy of the game. Sadly, as we also reported, Europe will not be getting said bundle until the game’s retail release date on October 4th, and now it seems that there will be no early European eShop release either.

Nintendo confirmed this after being contacted by Videogamer, firmly stating “”The US launch date is September 20th. The EU launch date is the 4th October.” So, it looks like that removes any possibility of Europeans grabbing the game early, outside of imports.

Source: Videogamer
  • uhwebf

    well why don't you just fuck me now Nintendo? so i Buy a Wii U bundle with WWHD and not only do you hold out on a physical copy but you make it worthless till 2 weeks later, It was nice knowing you, now you deserve to be out done by other companies

    • craZ

      Sorry man, but you don't need to overreact. It's two weeks, not 2 years.

      • retromac29

        I'm partially with "uhwebf" although I still think Nintendo is the greatest videogame company ever (next to Sega back when then they were still making consoles).
        What's the point if this anticipated bonus perk when it may work out cheaper to get a standard WiiU and the game separately?? Especially when the latter could work out cheaper with the LE copy of the game with the Ganon figurine.
        I was super psyched for buying the bundle, getting the game early, completing it before the main release and getting the LE version with the figurine and keeping that copy sealed for collector's purposes and to have it displayed with all the other TLoZ games that are displayed on my shelf complete in box.
        This is just another thing to add to the endless list of reasons why being a videogamer and a videogame collector is far easier and better in the States as opposed to crappy Europe!!

  • Rick

    Don't want a digital version anyway *blows Raspberry *

  • Trevor Eve

    Why would I want a digital copy anyway? I want to hold the casing in my own hands.