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Interactive games that supply the player with an entire world to explore often include some kind of watering hole, whether that be a bar, restaurants, hotels or a myriad of other potential options. Even in Zelda games we have such locations as potion shops and the Milk Bar from Majora’s Mask. TheDrunkenMoogle, a channel on YouTube, has provided us with our own kind of themed bar: Critical Hit Cocktails. This is a new series that takes popular aspects of games and creates a drink that embodies that particular part of the game.

As you can see above, number two on the list is Zelda’s Lullaby, a musical piece that is present in multiple Zelda games, but is most noted for its presence and role in Ocarina of Time, as it serves a key function in Link’s ability to progress in the game and find hidden secrets. Our friendly bartender explains what he believes Zelda’s Lullaby is all about before making the drink in order for the viewer to understand his choices for ingredients. The result is a foamy, raspberry pink drink with a nice vodka kick.

The host of the channel provides the viewer with information about all the ingredients and tools needed for this drink, including why he believes his choices reflect what he earlier describes as the essence of Zelda’s Lullaby. The goal is a fun, innocent drink that also conveys the regal integrity of the Hyrule royal family. In my opinion, he hit it right on the mark. After watching this video I decided to make the drink myself. I substituted pomegranate liqueur and raspberry vodka for his choices of raspberry liqueur and unflavored vodka, as his choices for flavor are a tad expensive. However, the resulting drink, pink, fruity and very sweet, got the message across.

I think this drink can be enjoyed by many adult Zelda fans, and the only change needed would be a slight tweak to the sweetness to encompass a large base of satisfied customers. Starting from having no ingredients to having a large supply of similar or equivalent ingredients, the price tag for a store of Zelda Lullabies runs at about $40.00. TheDrunkenMoogle encourages variations and reviews on his new creations, so if you are able pay him a visit, let him know what you think!

Source: TheDrunkenMoogle
Via: Zelda Dungeon