Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle screenshot 1

The Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle, which you may have seen briefly in the recently leaked Hero Mode trailer, has now been dated and priced by Nintendo. This bundle, along with the downloadable eShop version of the game, will release on September 20th, at two weeks before the standalone retail copy!

The bundle will be priced at $299.99 in the US, in conjunction with the recently announced Wii U Deluxe price cut in September. As for Europe, the bundle will hit stores on the same day as the game’s launch, on October 4th. Sadly, Vooks reports that neither the bundle nor the GameStop-exclusive Limited Edition is planned for release in Australia. Hit the jump for details of what you’ll find in this bundle.

  • Black Deluxe Wii U console
  • Special GamePad with gold markings and Hyrule crest
  • Download code for a digital version of Hyrule Historia
  • Download code for The Wind Waker HD from the Nintendo eShop

Pre-orders are already available at GameStop. You can also check out more shots of the bundle below:

Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle screenshot 2

Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle screenshot 3

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Via: My Nintendo News [4]
  • So I have to buy a hard copy separate of this?

    • nashnosh

      if you want the Physical copy of WWHD

  • wandersage

    hmm I was waiting to get the wiiU till the next original zelda title, but I actually never played WW and the new price makes it quite tempting.

    • Michael Drewitt

      Same, the only thing I wish was that they included a physical copy of the game, not because I care about the actual disc, I mean I've been on steam for years, and have digital- everything. But because of that sweet sweet box art…. It's just so beautiful!

  • Jon

    Price drop, Wind Waker HD, and a Hyrule-themed gamepad?

    I guess I know when I'm picking up a Wii U then.

  • Matt

    Preorders are also up on newegg.

  • RPH1

    If you get this bundle, I recommend buying NintendoLand separately. I earned a gift card for by doing searches on so I'm gonna get the hard copy of Hyrule Historia. That is a cool looking box, though. I like that U on the back.

    • craZ

      Yes, I posted something that said if you get this bundle and Nintendo Land pre-ordered version, you can get this all for less than 350 dollars, tax and everything.

  • Lexi

    Ugh, I hate Nintendo Australia! I really wanted this.

    • craZ

      Feel bad for you. Well, Australia got Skyward Sword demos first.

  • TheHammer

    Apparently there is no better way to market the Wii U than by packaging it with a Gamecube game.

    Look at our exciting new console! It comes with a 10 year old game!

    • It comes with a *highly-anticipated* *remake* of a *beloved* ten year old game. That's a considerable difference–to my perception, at least.

      • TheHammer

        To each his/her own. I'd like to think that a console should be able to stand up on its own games.

  • TheGrave

    September 20, huh? Doesn't really give us a whole lot of time to pay in advance on our pre-orders. I think I would have preferred it if they had just released the bundle on WWHD's physical release date. At least then I could have put about a $100 on it before it released.

  • No results found for 'standalone'
    Did you mean 'My understanding of the written English language is substantially lacking'?

    • Reece

      Try doing a little research before you attempt "witty" sarcasm:

      It is accepted with or without the hyphen. You may also want to look up what a prefix is because I have no idea what you're talking about, and pretty sure you don't either.

  • Awe-some hyphen on that pre-fix!

  • Amrole

    I have the book already, but downloadable ugh. Why… I would rather buy the hard copy. You can’ t resell the game and it has no value. I would rather buy a different bundle. I can’t wait tho 🙂

  • Petra

    I hope the don't go too quickly!!! >.<;

    • craZ

      They will keep making it. They probably guessed that all the Zelda fans in this world will be itching for this, so they probably made billions of these.

  • Nonelse

    Way to much money for me!

  • Fastblade

    So I'm never buying a console or a game book until at least a year after it launches from now on..

  • Carty

    Neither the Ganondorf figure or the Wii U bundle are confirmed for Canada yet, but EBgames is looking into it.

  • Kat

    It is SO unfair that Australia is being excluded from the bundle pack!!
    Simply NOT cool 🙁
    I’ve had no inclination to buy the wiiu until zelda came out. I had every intention of buying it as a bundle if it was release as such. Now I find out it will be released but it won’t be made available to us downunder? What’s worse, we miss out on the cool extras. I’m have such a downer now… </3

  • Tore

    will the digital copy be released in europe 20 sept too?

  • This contains all the Deuxe Set have, GamePad StandGamePad Cradle, Console Stand?