Gamestop is adding an extra incentive for purchasing The Wind Waker HD. Currently available for preorder, Gamestop is offering The Wind Waker HD along with an exclusive to Gamestop Ganondorf collectible figurine. The combination set is priced at $59.99. The game by itself is $49.99.

As we mentioned earlier, The Wind Waker HD physical copy with be available in North America and Europe on October 4th. A bundle pack including the deluxe Wii U, a Zelda themed game pad, and a digital copy of both Hyrule Historia and The Wind Waker HD will be available September 20th for $299.99.

Update: More images of Ganondorf figurine!

ganon figure 6

ganon figure 5

ganon figure 3
ganon figure 2
Source: Gamestop, Entertainment Buddha
Via: Zelda Dungeon