ZU’s Brawl tournament has now determined the indisputable best brawlers of our community. The tournament of a generation gathered Brawl veterans from the ZU community and from the world over for one last epic showdown. Previously, the tournament transitioned from a smooth beginning to an increasingly tense round of surprising games towards the grand finals.

Find out more about the upcoming doubles tourney and who gave out the victorious farewell after the jump!


The winner’s bracket: Single elimination

Quarter-final | Semi-final

Grand final | Bronze match

US brawler theunabletable leaped towards the grand final with a streak of flawless victories, having lost his one and only game against tough opponent, Catch (US), whom took the coup de grâce in a best 3 of 5 set for the second place.

At the same time, Zeruda~ (Ireland) put up a fight of epic proportions against leading brawler SmallVilleBoy (Mexico) in the bronze match. Zeruda~ claimed her spot in third place, having won 3-2 against SmallVilleBoy.

Watch the salvaged footage of the intense theunabletable vs. Catch games (matches 2, 4)!

The consolation bracket: Single elimination

The separate and simultaneous Consolation bracket also determined a victor of its own!

Consolation bracket, round 1

Consolation bracket, round 2

Consolation bracket, semi-final

Consolation bracket, grand final

The verdict: X-Factor (US) claims the consolation prize in a 3-0 game against Justin (US) all set in the Final Destination stage.


Congratulations to our ZU Says Goodbye to Brawl winners!

The grand victor of the tournament, theunabletable, will get his hands on the goody bag prize as the rest of the tournament winners anticipate a secret prize!

ZU Says Goodbye to Brawl | Doubles Sign-ups

If you missed out on the singles event, don’t miss out on the doubles! Sign-ups for this tournament are now set to end this Friday, August 30 by midnight Central. Here’s what you’ll need to do to sign up:


If you haven’t already, register to become a member of our ZU forums and, while you’re at it, become part of the world’s largest Legend of Zelda fan community!

Visit the Thread

Hop into the official thread where you’ll find the simple steps to sign up for the tournament, the rules you’ll follow and the prizes you can win.

To sign up, post inside that thread and include the following info:

  • You + your teammate’s Friend Code ♥ (Not to be confused with the 16-digit Wii FC)
  • Your main characters (You’ll be able to use whatever characters you want in the tournament, but these are the characters you’ll be representing. “Random” is acceptable.)
  • Times you’re available to play (include your timezone)
  • You and your teammate’s country.
  • Skype handles (Optional. It’s highly recommended to communicate with your opponents via Skype to set up a time to play and talk about you and your opponent’s preferences.)

Remember: Only one person may register a team! If your teammate is a friend playing on the same console, state it clearly on your signup post, provide 1 friend code and your teammate’s name/alias. Likewise, if you are seeking a teammate, let it be known in the thread or contact one the blokes in the waiting list to partner up!

Stick Around

Do your best to commit to this event and be ready to start the match with your next opponent. The thread will be updated constantly as the tournament moves on, and organizers will make sure to notify you when you’re up and who you’re up against. Participants are expected to start the day after signups end, initiating a weekend schedule.
Be sure to be available during these upcoming weekends!

See you there!