The Wind Waker HD just keeps getting better. Not only will we most likely see the game released in a special package deal with the Wii U, but it is possible that the console itself will receive a physical overhaul. In the recent Hero’s Mode trailer, we see this modified Wii U right at the end. Nintendo has declined to comment on this development as of yet, so we still await official confirmation. In the meantime hit the jump to educate yourself about the Hero’s Mode and view the modified console in the video!

Apparently, the Hero’s Mode will be available from the start of the game. This will be a welcome bit of news for those of you that want to max out the difficulty level immediately! The mode will make the game harder in two ways. First, you will not have access to recovery hearts in the game. No more mowing the lawn for that heart you so desperately want! Second, all enemies will do double damage, so watch your step!

As to the picture of the redone Wii U, it appears to only modify the game pad itself. Whether or not the actual console will receive a makeover is unknown. Till we receive further information from Nintendo, speculate however much you would like! Maybe our hopes for the modified Wii U will come true.

Source: CVG
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  • Archer of Light

    Gah, the video was taken down!

    • Reece

      Even as Mark was getting this news post ready we had to keep finding new videos that hadn't yet been taken down. Nintendo REALLY don't want people seeing this trailer yet and are cracking down on all of them it seems. Bear with us folks, we may be updating and changing the video for a while! If you're lucky enough you might even get to watch it.

      • Archer of Light

        Finally got to watch it. Hooray!

  • craZ

    Screams! It is so obvious, the Gamepad has Legend of Zelda stuff on it! I am so getting this baby.

  • Mercylas

    But some of us already bought a wii u….

    • Reece

      You could always, you know, not buy a second one.

  • Guest
    • Reece

      Way ahead of you, but thanks :3

  • mustnotbuy2ndwiiu

    must resist urge to buy second wii u….. now if they offered those of us who have supported wii u since day one the option to buy the limited edition gamepad for $99, well…

  • I was able to get a backup copy of this trailer for my own youtube channel. But I put a disclaimer that tells people that Nintendo own it. But I can't wait to pre order this game.

  • kate

    Wasn't it released like a week ago that their would be a modafied game pad -.- This isn't new news I remember people complaining about it being like the zelda 3ds. Unfair to fans who have already bought the wii u. Should be something special for us to make up for it like idk a zelda wii u pad sold sepratly or free zelda stickes of the same pattern on the site to use nintendo points on to claim.

    • craZ

      It was not released, no. Also, be grateful they're even doing something for us Zelda lovers.

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    That's awesome that they added Hero Mode! Maybe I should go straight for that one because although I haven't played the game in a while, I have played it a lot in the past and I'm sure it would be more exciting with extra challenge.

  • MDH

    Hero Mode is seriously the best thing to happen to Zelda gameplay like… ever. It actually makes those fairies and recovery potions necessary.

    • craZ

      But there are no recovery hearts so watch out in Hero Mode šŸ™‚

  • MikeL

    Hope it comes in a white version

  • GAMEover

    What? You have too wear the green tunic in hero mode. Phfff not cool

  • Cinosful

    I like more a Master Quest Mode

  • Destiny

    Wow that seems like a real challenge