The Wonderful 101 - Hero Heart Fragment

If you’re a Wii U owner who hasn’t yet played The Wonderful 101 demo, then you’re doing a disservice to your console. Platinum Games’ upcoming action game sees you controlling a crowd of adorable superheroes in order to bust crime and save civilians. This of course means morphing  your characters into giant weapons, fight ridiculously large bosses and survive and amend disasters such as a helicopter crash, bridge explosion and city fire (all three of which, it should be noted, are packed into the 20-minute demo). There’s even a little something for you Zelda fans.

An obtainable upgrade called the “Hero Heart Fragment” not only resembles Zelda’s Heart Pieces in appearance and shares a similar title, the item description even reads “Collect 4 to increase your max vitality”.

Platinum are renowned for placing clever references in their games, and with the full version of The Wonderful 101 releasing next week in Europe and next month in North America, there could be even more satisfying nods to Zelda or other pop culture to find!

Source: Platinum Games’ blog
  • Jon

    Dear God, I don't know what's worse. Collecting a new treasure after starting up my save file on Skyward Sword, or collecting a new rupee that's not green after starting up my save file on Twilight Princess. I'm sorry, but what were they thinking.

    • Philip

      Haha agreed, although I definitely think that Skyward Sword was worse for that since it goes all the way to your menu screen to show you where the item landed. That and the fact that there are only 3 rupees larger than green to pick up.

  • Oleg

    Wait, Platinum? Isn't that the company that made Okami? 😮

    Man, now I really want to play this game. I wish I had a Wii-U… :c

    • Reece

      You're almost correct. It was Clover Studios that developed Okami, but Hideki Kamiya, the director of that game, is now the head at Platinum. The man likely has a fondness for Zelda, considering the influences present in Okami and this reference. It'd be great to see more!