The Wind Waker HD Item Menu

One thing that the Zelda franchise always took special care of is the item menus. Starting with the original Legend of Zelda, the item menu was, for its time, beyond anything gamers had seen so far. The Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles also gave the players the ability to fully customize their equipment menu, which is something many of us appreciated. Other entries in the series had predefined placement for items, but they were always well grouped and arranged.

The Wind Waker was no exception to this unwritten rule of the franchise, with items grouped by their “family”: bags and pouches, ranged weapons, melee weapons, accesories, etc. But the folks over at Nintendo decided to re-design this menu to an even better one for the upcoming Wii U remake of the GameCube classic, Wind Waker HD, adapting it in conjunction with the console’s capabilities and features.

The first evident change is the apparent change of the color scheme from forest green to subtle blues, browns and greys, which makes it less aggressive on the eye. The yellow highlight on equipped items is also still there, though again, more subtle.

The Wind Waker Item Menu

The item grouping has been re-designed to work better with the Wii U controller’s touchscreen. Instead of rectangular rows and columns that bordered the item groups in the GameCube version, this one has polygonal areas with many angles that separate the items into four distinctive groups: bottles, accessories, pouches and weapons. The item icons have also been slightly updated, although they are very similar to their original appearance.

The menu also takes advantage of the touchscreen feature to provide shortcuts to save and options submenus and the map and bottles screens.

With all that, here are a few screenshots of the game itself.

The Wind Waker HD Screenshot 1

The Wind Waker HD Screenshot 2

The Wind Waker HD Screenshot 3

The Wind Waker HD Screenshot 4

The Wind Waker HD Screenshot 5

Looking good, if you ask me. What do you think?

Source: Nintendo Everything
  • WiiUExposed

    I wish that the game had new textures and models instead of just changing the lighting. Ocarina of Time 3D did it, so why not this one? It looks much better with the lighting alone, but you can tell that the textures on the ground are from a Gamecube game.

    • Luna

      Its because the Gamecube is clearly on par with the Wii U in terms of data size, management, and quality. the only difference is the ability to render in 1080p

      • shadow_link

        Plus the ocarina of time n64 version presented a boxy character set

    • DarkLink1996

      Because it ends up delaying the game, by a lot. OoT 3D was done by an outside dev team, so its delays wouldn't affect the development of other games, whereas WWHD has the main team working on it, and doesn't have that privilage.

  • Canyarion

    Hm which items will fill those last spots? Somebody on the forum posted it has 4 empty slots… and we can only think of 3 missing items.

    • Matt

      Two bottles, hook shot and iron boots, right?

      • zellpree

        Or it's the ones that he already has mapped? And of course 2 other bottles. Lmao

      • zellpree

        Oh wait it displays those already 😮

        Hookshot, Iron Boots, Magic Armor.

        The other two are bottles.

        • Nayru's Love from Zunari

          • K2L

            It's called Magic Armor in this game.

  • This game is worth re buying not because of just changed lighting or non changed textures, But because of the fact that they took the time to improve upon things like the Triforce Shards are seemingly where the Triforce Charts use to be from the video we saw on the latest Nintendo Direct. Then there is the option for faster sailing as well as the Tingle Tuner getting replaced with the Tingle Bottle. I can’t wait to preorder this game.

    • "I can't wait to preorder this game." If you can't wait to preorder this game then why haven't you done it already. I preordered this back when I preordered Luigi's Mansin 2 and Pokemon Y.

  • Guest

    "Its going to take everything I got to get past this part"…. It ain't that serious.

  • ben

    This game looks beautiful 😀

  • mr-t

    the item menu looks more pratical which is very good but in my opinion the old one looks better; what can i say, i really like the colour green

  • Davad

    Anyone notice there is a 4 by the pictobox?The original could only hold 3 pictographs!

  • MDH

    From these screenshots it looks like they toned down the bloom lighting a little bit, which makes things look less hazy and more colorful. It really looks nice.

    And don't say it's just an upgrade in terms of lighting. Look at the sky in any given pic or video, it looks gorgeous.

  • Echon

    Hmm…the new item screen shapes are a little hard to make out, but it looks nice in its own regard, though I kind of miss the green.