Wind Waker HD Teaser Site

The official North American teaser site for The Wind Waker HD how now gone live, and unlike most other lazy efforts for these kind of websites, there is actually a decent share of content on display here. While there’s nothing new to see, you can scroll through a variety of high-quality screenshots and artwork, as well as view the E3 trailer and the Nintendo Developer Direct video. It also promises “Full site coming soon”–check it out here.

Source: The Wind Waker HD
Via: Nintendo Everything
  • craZ

    If you see on one of those pictures, it reveals the item selection and a couple other features the Wii U Gamepad will add.

  • Hanzilla

    There used to be a full site for the Gamecube version of the Wind Waker at, but there was never any way (at least as far as I know) to access it except by going directly to it through your address bar. Now that address redirects to the new Wind Waker HD site.

  • Hanzilla

    Is there going to be a new community poll to see how excited/not-excited people are for Wind Waker HD?