A few days ago we saw the first incarnation of the Japanese box art for the The Wind Waker HD which showcases a great piece of art from the series remastered in HD. Now we have the first look of how North America’s box art will appear. It utilizes the same artwork from its Japanese companion but with a twist that will remind fans of the original artwork from its GameCube predecessor. As you can see, the background will have a bright golden tone that will overlay the scene while Link will retain his bright green color.

View the complete art after the jump!


Below is the Japanese version for a visual comparison of the two box arts.

Wind Waker HD Japanese Box Art

Source: GoNintendo
  • Guest

    I guess somebody decided to instagram filter the NA version.

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    I like it, it is reminiscent of the original box art, which I like! Plus I am getting the club nintendo poster with the same artwork in full color.

  • I like how it's like the original, in the way that the NA cover is the same as the PAL and JP cover but with a gold filter, and this time I actually think the NA one looks better.

  • RPH1

    I guessed right that it would be gold, but the only New Hylian letters are on the map at the bottom. I like the gold. It looks like a collector's edition.

  • I prefer the Japanese cover, the lazy filter doesn't represent well how they made such a colorful game.

  • xinistri

    The Japanese cover is much nicer.

  • Aoman

    Ever since Phantom Hourglass they have left that chunk of white between the E and the L… drives me up a wall… >.< Otherwise good looking cover art, but I am always kind of bummed that the JP cover art is always so much more colorful.

  • tickle_my_tingle

    oh no. the NA region has gotten way too predictable. They know we just like to buy stuff with gold on it. in the famous words of gold member, "I like golllllld….."

  • Ninkobra

    The only thing I hate is the "HD" slapped under the logo. It could've been done better.
    Otherwise, this looks smexy

  • Cory

    Anyone else notice the Nintendo Network logo stamped in the corner? Wonder if we can expect DLC in the future?

  • Raven

    @Cory Oh snap! I had a vision of you posting a comment like that, so I have an answer already prepared. 😉
    The Nintendo Network logo is only there because the game has Miiverse support. That's it. Don't expect DLC or online multiplayer or anything like that.

    Now, shouldn't you be counting your money at the white house or something? Anyway, peace, little bro. Tell Sophie I said hi. 😉