CGI Zelda Movie

Here we have a video pitch for a CGI Zelda movie dating back to 2007 by Imagi Animation Studios, producers of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Astro Boy feature films. It sees Princess Zelda transporting what is assumed to be the Triforce, when she and her soldiers are promptly attacked by Ganondorf’s minions. As you’d expect, Link appears to save the day, as does the Gerudo King himself to presumably carry out the opposite.

The visuals are very nicely animated, even if you don’t agree with the Dreamworks-esque art style. Sure, it’s a generic premise, but don’t forget that this clip was only intended to pitch the movie to Nintendo and doesn’t necessarily represent the intended final product. While I can’t really make a defense for Ganondorf’s appearance, it’s a pretty cool clip.

Also, is that the velociraptor sound from Jurassic Park at 00:52? Now I’ve ruined the video for you too–you’re welcome!

Source: Vimeo
Via: Kotaku
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