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Since Animal Crossing‘s grand debut on the GameCube, the series has included tons of cheeky Nintendo references. From delivering a villager’s Game Boy to wearing Mario’s cap, the player is surrounded by loving nods to other franchises. Chief among the providers of these cameos is the Zelda series–and now that the latest Animal Crossing installment New Leaf is here, there are more obtainable Zelda items than ever. In fact, there are more than you may expect.

Whether you’re hunting all these items yourself or just curious as to what these items actually are, this is the guide for you! For those who are playing (or have yet to play) the game, this article obviously contains many spoilers for those who hope to find all of these items themselves. Otherwise, read on for the full guide!

Hero’s Outfit

New Leaf - Hero's Outfit 2

Type: Hat, shirt, pants, shoes

How to obtain: Fortune Cookies #3,#5, #8 and #49

Fortunes: “The land is in great peril, and soon you will be the Hero of [Town name].”(Hero’s Tunic); “Don’t take it lightly, a hidden chest awaits!” (Hero’s Pants); “A green hat may be just the thing to inspire you toward adventure.” (Hero’s Cap); “A door that does not open is not closed to you; it only needs a key.”(Hero’s Boots)

This is technically four items that comprise into one awesome outfit. A combination of the Hero’s Cap, Hero’s Tunic, Hero’s Pants and Hero’s Boots, you can turn your avatar into a Hylian adventurer–it even includes Link’s hair! Best of all, each time you equip each clothing item, it will make the “puzzle solved” jingle from the Zelda games.

Master Sword

New Leaf - Master Sword

Type: Furniture

How to obtain: Fortune Cookie #35

Fortune: “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.”

Considering that this furniture piece has appeared in every Animal Crossing game so far, the inclusion of the Master Sword in New Leaf should come as little surprise to most fans. That doesn’t make it any less welcome, however, especially as it looks better and shinier than ever. Again, it makes the chime that plays after you’ve pulled out an item from a chest (da-da-da-daaah!) when you touch it.


New Leaf - Triforce 1

New Leaf - Triforce 2

Type: Furniture

How to obtain: Fortune Cookie #37

Fortune: “He who believes he has a pure heart is probably just a beast in denial.”

The Triforce also makes its (literal) glowing return, as it floats majestically above your floor. As ever, upon touching it it will separate into three shards, spin and reform, all while the sweet melody from the A Link to the Past‘s intro plays.

Tingle Hood

New Leaf - Tingle Hood 1

New Leaf - Tingle Hood 2

Type: Hat

How to obtain: Katrina the fortune teller will sell this to you at random once she opens up her shop on Main Street. Before she does this, you must first received 20 fortunes from her tent. After she has set up permanent residence, she’ll offer to sell you a charm “infused with power”. For 10,000 Bells, she will give you either the Tingle Hood or a Celebration Hat.

It’s ironic that the Tingle Hood is the rarest Zelda item in the game and how much effort it takes to obtain it, when the real Tingle also likes to starve you of time and money. Like Katrina’s other gift, the Celebration Hat, the Tingle Hood brings good luck to the player–increasing your chances to acquire more Bells, rare fish, etc. It’s also the only Zelda head accessory that isn’t classed as a “headgear” item, so you can style those big hipster frames or any facial accessory of your choice like I have above.

Majora’s Mask

New Leaf - Majora's Mask 1

New Leaf - Majora's Mask 2

Type: Headgear

How to obtain: Fortune Cookie #9

Fortune: “If you leave my mask out there, something terrible will happen!”

Not only has this demonic mask of destruction found its way into the pleasant, pristine plains of Animal Crossing, it is also being given away in mass quantities and made wearable to its owner! The deadly artifact is looking as great as ever, with shading giving it an almost cel-shaded look.

Makar’s Mask

New Leaf - Makar's Mask 1

New Leaf - Makar's Mask

Type: Headgear

How to obtain: For sale at Able Sisters

Another rare item, the difficulty in obtaining this item is second only to the Tingle Hood. It requires not effort to acquire Makar’s Mask but luck and patience, as it is only available at random at the Able Sisters. It’s odd that this is a headgear item and not a simple accessory, as it does leave the hair exposed. Despite that though, this has to be one of my favourites simply because Makar has to be the most obscure character referenced in the game–and that is appreciated.

Midna’s Mask

New Leaf - Midna's Mask 1

New Leaf - Midna's Mask 2

Type: Headgear

How to obtain: Fortune Cookie #11

Fortune: “Look to the sky when the sun sets. All will be revealed in this twilight.”

Another returning item, Midna’s Mask is back so you can once again turn your little guy or girl into a descendant of the Twili. The mask is a lot darker than it appears in Twilight Princess and Animal Crossing: City Folk and lacking that silvery shade, but more detailed than ever with its markings and flowing orange hair.

Fi’s Mask

New Leaf - Fi Mask 1

New Leaf - Fi Mask 2

Type: Headgear

How to obtain: Fortune Cookie #50

Fortune: “A sword is just a sword, sometimes it’s a girl.”

Midna isn’t the only partner of Link’s you’ll see make a cameo, as the blue statistic-fanatic Fi makes an appearance in the form of a wearable mask. Unlike the others, this headgear takes up the whole of your character’s head. Now you can go tell Tom Nook “I calculate a 100%  probability that you’re ripping me off mate.”

Happy Hunting!

New Leaf - All Zelda Items

If you own or plan to buy New Leaf (which is highly recommended), have fun hunting down those Zelda items! There are of course many other Nintendo items to collect, and this instalment has by far the biggest and best offering of both Zelda and general Nintendo items.

What would you like to see appear in the next Animal Crossing game? The Ocarina of Time, Medli’s Beak, Minish Cap, or perhaps even a King of Red Lions bed? Let us know what you think of the items and your own ideas!

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  • I would love to see a whole furniture series based on the LoZ games, bed, dresser, table, side table, wardrobe, chair etc. and also a playable ocarina! lol

    • The Ultimate Hylian

      I know, right? That would be epic! I did not think of the playable Ocarina, though.. that would be a huge plus!

  • Sammii

    Got them all already 🙂

    • The Ultimate Hylian

      Me too. Except the Tingle hat…

      • Doc

        Tingle > Anyone in the series

  • Metal Man

    I think you meant “grand debut on the N64”.

    • reeceh92

      Well yeah, but Animal Forest only released in Japan, so for the majority of readers it all started on the GameCube. Also you'll notice "Animal Crossing" is italicised, so I was referring to the game, not the franchise as a whole. 🙂

  • thomasjones89

    got the majority of these. Just a few to go.

  • Nya~

    There is a beak accessory. It looks similar to (could actually be) Medli's beak.

    • I don't think its meant to be Medli's beak. They have a lot of generic animal accessories like that. But, you could make a cool pattern to go with it and make yourself look like Medli if you wanted! I actually have done that in the past. 🙂

      • Mickii

        My sister has that beak, and designed a pretty good Medli dress. Its nice to know you can dress up as Makar too 😉 I just wish there was a Zelda crown to go with my TP Zelda dress xDD

  • Angel

    I almost have all of these too… i'm currently after the hero's outfit

  • Saya ada tengok dokumentari mengenai hal nie … saya sokong pendapat awak dan harap isu nie mendapat perhatian
    lebih ramai pembaca .. terima kasih

  • Mayor Link

    Got all of them also and this game is awsome

  • Kitty

    AHA! I saw that Tingle hat and was like, where can i get me one of those?! So its from Katrina….thanks!

  • RuBoo

    I'd like to see the best mask in the series make an appearance in Animal Crossing. Yes, that is correct, I am referring to… The Keaton Mask!

  • very good article and very rewarding good work! Thanks

  • Thank to your page! like,

  • Lily

    I recently got Midna’s Masks in fortune cookie #44

    • disqus_YzHdo1rtYu

      Are you sure it wasn’t #11? #44 is supposed to be a mustache and I just got Midna’s mask today (same day I posted this) and it was #11.

  • Billy Noon

    I recently got the hero’s cap then the next day got Majoras mask… “you’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?”

    I’ve still got a lot more to collect though! im hoping to finish the complete hero’s outfit soon along with the master sword and triforce…its going to take a while though

  • Mary

    I want the blue mask

  • Abysswalker

    i want majora’s mask so badly

  • fireork12

    I got Link’s Tunic on my first fortune Cookie, I was so happy.

  • Hanna Livingston

    There is a beak that looks like a Rito beak, and the King’s Beard looks an awful lot like Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule’s beard.

  • Avery Richards

    Got Majora’s Mask First Try

  • gabe2234

    Got Midna’s mask the first time. Really hoping for Majora’s Mask sometime soon. Finally got around to playing Majora’s Mask and having the mask would make my life awesome.

  • Adam Master Shortpants Perry

    hero’s boots and pants are missing

  • keegan

    I need links boot can I have it