Eggbusters is back, and what better way to premiere a new season than kicking off with another Zelda title? This episode features the latest instalment, Skyward Sword.

For those new to this series, Eggbusters is a weekly web show hosted by Nintendo Everything‘s Austin that attempts to cause glitches in games that have been rumoured about on the internet, and test to see if they work as described. In the first glitch, Link drops from ladders and rolls through them, falling to his death (or rather inconvenience, as we all know he’s too badass to accept the laws of physics).

In the second and more interesting glitch, Austin repeats a similar glitch performed in the Twilight Princess episode. When the game is reset at a specific time, you are able to explore Skyloft while still in the title screen. Hit the jump for the video and enjoy! As always, you can also easily try out these glitches yourself by following the simple instructions.

Source: YouTube