Wind Waker HD Crane

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto revealed a new detail regarding The Wind Waker HD; a small one, but an interesting one. When discussing the improvements added to the HD remake, Miyamoto mentioned that the length of the crane on the King of Red Lions is shorter, thus decreasing the time spent searching for undersea treasure chests.

Could you talk about some of the other changes and gameplay additions or things that you’ve done for Wind Waker just beyond the graphics?

Well we’ve actually made a number of different improvements. I think the previous game, the length and the player pacing of it was something we thought we could improve on. For example, this time we’ve added an additional sail, that allows the boat to travel faster this time than it did in the original GameCube game. And when you’re dropping your crane down in the ocean to hunt for sunken treasure, the length of the chain on the crane is shorter so you spend less time on that. So it basically helps to speed up the gameplay a little bit. So the pacing has really been improved upon.”

Already that’s at least one thing that will improve the Triforce shard-hunting quest that so many fans loathe, if only slightly.

Source: Game Informer