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In another interesting tidbit from the recent Nintendo Life interview, Aonuma provided a very interesting response when asked whether he would ever consider making Princess Zelda the protagonist in her own game.

NL: The Zelda series tells the story of a male hero rescuing a female princess. Would you ever consider giving Zelda her own game?

Aonuma: This is the second time I’ve received this question during this E3! I guess if people have strong feelings about it then it’s something to consider. I’ll keep that in mind! [laughs]

This could be a great idea. Zelda already has a strong sense of will and wisdom, and is skilled in magic and archery. Seeing a story unfold from her perspective could make for a very entertaining twist.

Besides, Peach already had her own DS game–so why not Nintendo’s other princess? Heck, if Tingle’s already had his time in the limelight, then surely our royal heroine is also entitled to. This may be just a throwaway comment by Aonuma for now, but if he noticed a large enough fan response to this, then he may just have to act upon his word–come on internet, do what you do best!

Update: In an entirely different interview over on Engadget, Aonuma allegedly seemed “open” to the idea (perhaps this is what he was referring to when he mentioned that he’d been asked this question twice!).

“When [Zelda Wii U] does eventually come to light, gamers may even be able to control a fully playable Princess Zelda (or even Sheik, Zelda’s occasional other form). Or, at least, Aonuma seemed open to the idea when we asked him about it. It’s a possibility and we can always hope.”

Looks like the concept is growing slowly more and more plausible as a real possibility–keep those comments rolling in and share those “strong feelings” that Aonuma wants to see!

Source: Nintendo Life
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