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In another interesting tidbit from the recent Nintendo Life interview, Aonuma provided a very interesting response when asked whether he would ever consider making Princess Zelda the protagonist in her own game.

NL: The Zelda series tells the story of a male hero rescuing a female princess. Would you ever consider giving Zelda her own game?

Aonuma: This is the second time I’ve received this question during this E3! I guess if people have strong feelings about it then it’s something to consider. I’ll keep that in mind! [laughs]

This could be a great idea. Zelda already has a strong sense of will and wisdom, and is skilled in magic and archery. Seeing a story unfold from her perspective could make for a very entertaining twist.

Besides, Peach already had her own DS game–so why not Nintendo’s other princess? Heck, if Tingle’s already had his time in the limelight, then surely our royal heroine is also entitled to. This may be just a throwaway comment by Aonuma for now, but if he noticed a large enough fan response to this, then he may just have to act upon his word–come on internet, do what you do best!

Update: In an entirely different interview over on Engadget, Aonuma allegedly seemed “open” to the idea (perhaps this is what he was referring to when he mentioned that he’d been asked this question twice!).

“When [Zelda Wii U] does eventually come to light, gamers may even be able to control a fully playable Princess Zelda (or even Sheik, Zelda’s occasional other form). Or, at least, Aonuma seemed open to the idea when we asked him about it. It’s a possibility and we can always hope.”

Looks like the concept is growing slowly more and more plausible as a real possibility–keep those comments rolling in and share those “strong feelings” that Aonuma wants to see!

Source: Nintendo Life
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  • I'm not trying to be sexist, but I think it would kind of run the series. Although, I guess I'm okay with it as long as it's not Canon… Then we can count it with the CD-i games.

    I'd say the best option is to simply feature Zelda as a larger role and not as the Damsel in Distress. Like Spirit Tracks, or the first half of Wind Waker + it's final boss.

    • If this really were to happen, I'd imagine Nintendo would decide to make her game a spin-off (like Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland) than a full-on traditional adventure. Not that I wouldn't be interested by her having more than that–why would it ruin the series?

      She already proved more independent and crucial to Link's success in Skyward Sword, so I'd say she's already advanced from being a mere "damsel". If there's another step to take in expanding her role, I think it would be giving her her own game.

    • fynn

      "I'm not trying to be sexist, but a woman protagonist would ruin the series! Zelda, being a central figure in the entire series, being allowed to have her own story, agency, and developing plot line? No, I'd rather stick with the same ol', same ol'. Who needs something refreshing?"

      Sure, Pandom19, keep telling yourself that.

    • wandersage

      I think it'd be cool, zelda was kinda BA in skyward sword and twilight princess (as when zant enters the castle for the first time), not to mention she's got some serious skills as Sheik, however it'd change the story a lot. you can have a Tingle game because he doesn't change anything in the story, but every zelda game except for the non-canon games have the same story, Zelda is in trouble, and Link is the quite ego-less hero who rescues her. If Zelda is in a game where she takes on all the bad guys herself and doesn't requite link to fight on her behalf, then all the Link focused games after that will have to change the story, cause it wouldn't make sense anymore for zelda to need a rescuer. I personally think this would be pretty awesome cause frankly, how many times is link gonna have to save Zelda in every re-incarnation he has. Imagine a story line in which Zelda and Link overcome their tethers and no longer have to repeat the same damned existence life time after lifetime, Zelda herself delivers the final death blow to Ganon and Zelda and link go off in different directions. Link to other lands to protect them from chaos of Evil forces, and Zelda remains in Hyrule to defend it from here on after.

    • We don't acknowledge the CD-i's existence.

    • Eskin

      Since the nature of the games and the lore involves many reincarnations of our heros, Link/Courage, Zelda/Hylia/Wisdom, and Ganon/Demise/Power, its completely plausible there could be a CANON reincarnation that focuses on Zelda. If you look at Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and even Windwaker, Zelda was badass. I would LOVE to play SS just from Zeldas point of view. She was a hero by any standards. And another story following her path, which could easily include Link doing his own thing somewhere else, could EASILY be canon.

      You ARE being sexist, btw.

    • Laven

      No way, it all depends on how they do it. It could be fantastic, and lord knows….women are sick of seeing the same shit. Especially considering that 45% of gamers are women….. It's a bit tiring being constantly ignored and watching the men constantly being catered to. Then again, welcome to the world. This being said, It's time Zelda was the protagonist in her own story- she's OWN it. I'm totally psyched for this if they do it!!

    • "I'm not trying to be sexist…"

      Try a leeeeeetle harder my friend. >.>

    • Bob

      It wouldn't ruin the series, you're an idiot

    • Some Asshole

      Why would you compare a game centering around the woman for whom the series is named on the same level as that CDi garbage?

  • Colt

    I would be more interested if it were related to another Zelda title…ie playing skyward sword from Zelda’s perspective (maybe not as a full standalone game, but it would make great DLC) or a Tetra prequel to Wind Waker.

    • RPH1

      That is exactly what I was thinking when I was playing thru SS. I didn't think about Tetra, though. 2 thumbs up.

    • Sharon

      I second what you say! They could even add some clips from the original game for us to see how Link's viewpoint is complemented with Zelda's.

    • Abdul-Azeez

      I think playing as hylia and basically using the backstory of skyward would be amazing we could see the rise of demise it has so much untapped potential

    • That One Ring

      Playing almost all zelda games fom zeldas perspective would make no sense considering she is kidnapped most of the time. SS would probably be entertaining from her perspective as she had her own adventure. In oot when she became an adult she also had an adventure. But other than that there is basically no fun in any of her other life stories

  • Rachel

    Now that would make for some good DLC. They could allow us to play a portion of the game from Zelda’s perspective. I can’t think of a game where that that wouldn’t have been fun to do. OOT, WW, TP, SS, etc. I think seeing the other half of the story would be awesome.

    • Definitely. It was really nice to see bits and pieces of Zelda's adventure during the Skyward Sword credits.

      • Nerdyandilikeit

        That's what really drove home the hope for at least some sort of Zelda's perspective experience! She basically did everything Link did, but barefoot and in a dress! SS Zelda was hardcore!

  • Meem0

    Yeah, sure, if they could make as many games as they wanted without consuming resources that take away from other games.

    Unfortunately, that's not the case; I'd much prefer another normal Legend of Zelda game.

    • I highly doubt that would be an issue. Nintendo are already handling three different Zelda games at once right now, with each game having separate teams with different lead directors. With Nintendo's complex development management, it's not hard to imagine that a game like this could also receive its own dedicated team without interfering with other titles.

      Besides, if this has the potential to be great, then it may deserve as much resources as any other game,

      • kkl

        Shut up, seriously -_-

    • kkl

      SERIOUSLY. What's wrong with that fucking site? Why 5 thumbs down for a RIGHT opinion? You guys aren't Zelda fans you are kids. Nothing more. Please don't let these stupid kids affect your alright opinion. Meemo.

      • A…. A "right" opinion? Are you saying that there are correct and incorrect opinions? Do you even understand how opinions work?

  • Destiny

    I think it would be really cool to see zelda in her own game, but my question is, would it be part of the LOZ series, or just another game like Luigi's mansion.

  • blerp2
  • Sam

    the game is called ‘The Legend of Zelda’ not legend of ‘Link’ so why not to make the real Legend of Zelda, am I right?

    • shdow_link

      That is a stupid comparison. The name zelda is the only consistency throughout the game. Link is not supposed to permanent thats why it is legend of Zelda.

    • Chama


    • Mac-t

      I'm thinking, The Fable of Link

    • That One Ring

      And metroid is not called samus's adventure so why cant you play as someone called metroid.

      • That One Ring

        Not to mention pokemon is not called ash and friends go on a wildlife hunting adventure to squeeze poor creatures into tiny pokeballs

  • Name

    I dont know

  • Meh

    I always thought that playing from Zelda's perspective in Skyward Sword would have been cool. Being kidnapped by Ghirahim, escaping, meeting Impa. It would be fun if they did it right 🙂

    • KamenRider

      but zelda in that game can't fight back!
      if the game was solely zelda, then all you would do is sneak around for the entire game and not be able to kill anything!
      not even a bee or moblin!!

      • heroofmask

        plus the game would be about 1-2 hours considering at the end credits it shows her waking up meeting old impa then sneaking into the forest temple then fire temple meeting young impa going to the first gate of time playing the harp then going back in time and staying there waiting for link that would be boring

    • Nerdyandilikeit

      I think so, too! Really, SS Zelda went to the same Knight Academy on Skyloft as Link, so she was learning all the same skills. It's not that she's helpless, only armed differently once she finds Impa and discovers her destiny as an incarnation of Hylia.

  • LinksAwakening

    As long as it's not lazy reversal like Peach. If Zelda's starring in her own game then I don't want Link to be in it.

    • Nopony1573

      Link can be in it; He SHOULD be in it.

  • Shu

    Dear lord, NO. We don’t need a stupid gimmick like a Zelda game with a different playable character. They need to spend their time coming up with the mechanisms and developing them, not implementing pointless changes. I’ll lose a bit of respect for Aonuma if he listens to the “Bawwwl, I want a to play as Zelda!!!” crowd.

    • kkl

      I don't see why you getting so many thumbs down? You are right. Just immature kids here.

      • burr

        Immature kids? Yeah, says the guy who uses capslock, no real arguments and cries "I don't want changes."

    • 0000

      No one cares who you are, and I doubt Aonuma cares if you "lose respect" for him.

  • Triguy123

    This is cool, but it sounds like a distant idea which is good to read. I’m just excited for the franchises multiplayer possibilities As nintendo’s shown a tournament mode in New Mario Golf where every player is Luigi, being part of the “Year of Luigi”, it’s made me assume that it’s all a lead up to Zelda Wii U’s Multiplayer. Which I hope is magic! Whether character creation will be any part of it, or multiplayer’s just a mode with multi colored Links, I’m excited for something new. I just wouldn’t want Zelda’s combat moves in her own title like Light Arrows to be subtracted from Links Loudouts 😛

    • Triguy123

      *Links Loadouts! (Let me play with multiple people that all have similar close combat, but can only use items seperately similar to Four Swords! Your party whether 1 to whatever could share all items in their inventory, but each player would only carry the items upgrades they’ve UPGRADED.)

      • kkl

        So you want the next Zelda to be like Four Swords? Wow, I don't really see why you hate Zelda and Nintendo so much.

        • Voldsrud

          If you can't contribute constructively to the discussion, then there really isn't any point in you being here. The Zelda series isn't made just for you, and everyone has a right to share their own opinion.

    • kkl

      GOD, NO!

  • Stefan

    Would be awesome to get a Zelda game where she is Sheik also.
    So something like OoT/ Super Smash thing going on..
    Would love it

  • buddybudd

    Skyward wasnt a good Zelda game, so i sincerely hope that wont be the Zelda girl version.
    Terra from Wind Waker would be better although OoT and TP would be way more suitable.
    Bring on Sheik!

    • RPH1

      What a dumb thing to say! SS was a great game.

      • kkl

        He said it wasn't a good Zelda game and he's totally right. It's a great game but not a great Zelda.

    • cresendo

      it was great!

  • KryptosFang

    Wand of Gamelon was a thing.

    Shut up about Zelda being a main playable character and give me Majora's mask 3DD already.

    • We don't acknowledge that game's existence.

    • cresendo

      i second that

  • Jo

    I think it would be a fantastic idea… Zelda kicking ass??!? why would anyone think it’s not a great idea, We’ve gotten a glimpse of it in the Smash Bros. series.
    Lots of options here too; Zelda just being Zelda, being able to turn into Shiek, using magic… it could be het own game, or be able to play a portion of the game as her, or retelling a story from her perspective… even co-op two player along with link? or how about adding a bit more RPG to The Zelda series and having her join link? Kingdom Hearts Style, (not turn by turn EVER tho). I personally would absolutely LOVE to see this happen, and thought about it before 🙂

    I say YES!

  • decimo anonimo

    … Im the only one that payed atention to skyward sword and put together 1+1?
    It can be done!!!
    At the end of Skyward Sword, they created another 3 time lines:
    One in wich they defeat Demise in the future (present).
    One where they defeat Demise in the past and?… come one guys, you know whats coming.
    Yes, one where Links dead and his spirit is sealed inside the place where he fights Demise… so?… anyone else knows whats next?
    With this, they can creat another new 3 time lines, so if they can start to work in they ideas:
    The time line we allways play is where Demise is defeated in the future (present)
    The time line where Link defeats Demise in the past, that is where Zelda probably will be
    And the place where Links defeated is where the bearer of the Triforce of Power will be
    … Unless, of course, they make another Zelda, where they explain how the first door of time is destroyed, so, now we have more posibilities and new characters besides Link, Zelda and the new bearer of the Triforce of Power.
    So Nintendo, im waiting for the new stories. My body is ready since Skyward Sword.
    If im wrong, dont wake me up. Im happy in this dream…

  • Gunner
    • Nopony1573

      That would be awesome! The story sounds like a simple swap of Link and Zelda but the gameplay would be so much more and the crew of the Zelda franchise, so would the story!

    • Mac-t

      It's not too bad, but when you think about it, swapping the roles and making Link a "tended to . . . noble but naive" character, kinda implies that Zelda (from the other games) is a pampered naive character, which she isn't.

  • Rob Burch

    I think they should.
    It won’t ruin the franchise to try something else.

    I’ve always wanted a game from Ganon(dorf)’s perspective, or one that lets you choose which path Link takes- which part of the Triforce he’s given changes the game.

    As long as they do justice to the character and do something different, rather than just make her Link in a dress.

    • Hylian_Knight

      Optional paths with alternate endings would be amazing!

  • Lotti

    Being a bit of a feminist… well I think it's a fantastic idea!
    I've been hoping they would bring up something like this for the Zelda series and I think it would be just awesome!
    I do love the Zelda series, but I think they been very similar all through the series, so a change would be welcome!

  • Mahboi

    It's a risk to take, but a healthy risk in my opinion. New playable characters, if used thoughtfully/sparingly, can deepen the experience of a game. I think this idea has its merits; for one, it's already been done twice in Wand of Gamelon and Zelda's Adventure (not particularly successful but the idea was there). Zelda's status as a damsel-in-distress seems to fluctuate from game to game, but it's safe to say that she's no Princess Peach, and even Peach got a starring role (Super Princess Peach)!

    I think that implementing Zelda as a protagonist would provide a fresh take on the series. We could find out just what she's doing while Link is away collecting those Spiritual Stones.

  • Hylian_Knight

    As long as she isn't rescuing Link. I would be down with it as a side story if she ran around with a sweet bow and arrow or doing martial arts! : D I mean the Zelda from the TV series held her own, I'm sure it wouldn't be that weird to see Zelda kickin some butt!

  • smcrzgi

    i think having zelda as a playable character in like, a spin off or a dlc would be good. id like to play as shiek during the seven years of OoT, or zelda in SS, or tetra, prior to the events in WW. but i dont think they could call it "the legend of zelda" since SS basically explained why the series was called the legend of zelda. i did see a fan game cover called "the secret of zelda" which i thought was pretty dang cool, cuz it had sheik on it, and the title made sense too since it was zelda's secret identity. if we would go with that, we could have a three mode game, where in one mode you could play as sheik, one as zelda from SS, and one as tetra. or just have seperate games… i guess. these games would be incorperated into the zelda timeline too, despite being spinoffs.

  • Vladislak

    That would be a nice change of pace.

    Here's an idea, the prologue of Wind Waker says the hero didn't appear to save the day and ultimately the gods sealed away Hyrule. What if there were a game that took place during that era in which there was no Link to stop Ganon.

    I mean yeah we'd know how it would end (spoiler alert: not well), but they could really play on that fact to evoke more powerful emotions from the players as a result.

  • veeronic

    yes, and then it would be logical for a ganondorf game to follow.

    • Mikalhvi

      Only if it's either comedic and cutesy, or you get to wreck all the things ever.

    • that guy

      I'm thinking a minigame on Windwaker HD. The goal: wreck as much stuff as possible before the flood ruins the party.

  • Nick

    I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but I don’t know if it would be a good idea either. Super princess peach never did terribly well, I’m probably one of the few guys who ended up owning it. Myself, I’d love a game that stars Zelda, but I’m not sure if the market would recieve it well. Then again, the zelda fanbase is so varied, you can’t really stereotype it with a single kind of person, so I have no idea what the outcome would be. Maybe a better option would be to have a game in chapters, where you finish a goal as link, then start the next chapter as zelda, and it keeps alternating until the game is finished, and that way you can get a broader perspective of a story as well? I would have loved in ocarina of time to have seen what happened to Zelda during those 7 years.

  • N/A

    Zelda as playable character…No thank you. Zelda is kinda not really a 'strong' character, I mean she's always getting captured. I just don't like the concept of playing as her, most of carnations aren't like sheik or tetra. Any other character would most likely do better.

    But that's just my opinion.

    • burr

      Exactly why this game needs to be made.

  • heroofmask

    one major prob most would complain im all for giving here a role like in spirit tracks and using here for some parts of the game SOME not all or even a dlc to see how shiek mastered the ways of the shiekas in ooy would be cool playing as zelda in ss would be boring the game would be about 1 hour becouse all she did was go through 2 dungeons by sneaking pray at 2 status then basically played the waiting game till link met her in the past big snooze fest there nah i say go the path of st and just give her a different role where she can help link in more ways do we need a full game released based on u playing as zelda no not really would it sell well maybe but its better just to make here usable in some parts of the next zelda game

  • I'm actually really open to this idea. Normally I would say no because I like games to not deviate away from the actual series… but perhaps having Zelda as the protagonist, or at least a huge part like in Spirit Tracks, would be great.. Personally, I think they should start it off as a DLC and see how it goes from there. If it's a huge success, then they can perhaps look into developing a game on a larger scale, but diving right into it may not be good for them at this point of time… It would open a world of "Ganondorf would get his own game" and other miscellaneous games and I think the series would lose some respect, but that's just my opinion. I'd go with a DLC or Zelda getting a larger part in a game.

  • danielochoavaldez

    Maybe as an expansion-DLC, Like NSMB U and NS Luigi U, but only if done WELL and probably with a GANONDORF counterpart version as well (bit like "Pokemon Red-Blue", "OOA OOS" ) wich would end up in something pretty awesome like a "Triforce-Trilogy", the same story told from 3 different angles.

  • Austin

    If Zelda got a starring role in her own game I would buy it, sounds like good idea to me, all I have to do then is finally buy a Wii U.

  • WisdomGirls

    If zelda is given her own game it should be a mash up of the most memorable Zeldas as well as making a new Zelda. Have Sheik go on missions or Tetra which the succession of it would greatly affect Link's.
    Zelda really needs a good redemption from the cdi game, where you played only as (unlike spirit tracks) dont get me wrong, the game was good but Zelda deserves better.

  • pedro of time.

    maybe zeldas' version of sheik would be based off of a distant sheikah member and a new game would feature the sheikah tribe and the original sheik?

  • Yann

    I would love something similar to Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons or the Pokémon games… Two versions of the same game, one Link version, one Zelda version. Please make it happen!

  • SkywardPrincess

    I would love to see Zelda in her own game only so we can experience different gameplay mechanics and dungeon layouts. Since Zelda uses a lot of magic, most of the puzzles could be magic based and you could collect sages to help build up your magics power. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing what the Triforce of Wisdom has to offer as it never seems to do very much in the series.

  • Craig

    I’m not sure about Zelda… but playing a game as Hylia would be awesome.

  • LoreReasons

    This wouldn't work.

    Link is the hero because he has the Triforce of Courage: He can beat impossible odds and has the courage to do it because the goddesses need the hero to have the inner strength to hold the Triforce of Courage.

    Zelda has the Triforce of Wisdom and is a supporting character because of it. She is better given to the task of running the kingdom, using her wisdom to keep everything peaceful and the people prosperous.

    Ganondorf, with the Triforce of Power, is only there to be a strong enemy for the hero to defeat. When Hyrule's history is remembered only as old stories and legends, its treasures are squirreled away, given as offerings to gods in various temples or taken from museums by greedy monsters and dragged down to museums, a villain arrives to mess things up, and a hero arrives to dig up Hyrule's history to find a tool capable of defeating the villain.

    There's a reason why each character has their abilities and is given a story role. Now let's please not bother Mr. Aonuma with silly suggestions like this anymore.

    • veri

      But what if Zelda got the Triforce of Courage, Link the Triforce of Power and Ganon the Triforce of Wisdom? That could very well be the concept they explore!

    • LegendofZELDAnotlink

      Hello, all zelda games have puzzle based dungeons and bosses to an extent, which HINT HINT PUZZLE SOLVING TAKES WISDOM.

  • SAB

    It would be awesome to see Zelda as a full-blown protagonist, developed and immersed in her world just as much as Link. Even better, letting the player switch back and forth between Link and Zelda to complete the game.

  • Gmrgirl15

    I like the idea but I wouldn't want a WHOLE game devoted to Zelda. It doesn't go with the essence of the game… Instead, I would love a game that features Link as the main character just like always but has a twist and features Zelda maybe "undercover" or something like that inside Hyrule castle, maybe discovering a darkness that dwells within the castle, something that isn't quite right but in the end, it's Link who saves the day.
    To me, that sounds like an awesome way to integrate Zelda as a playable character for the first time (not counting Spirit Tracks where you had to control Phantom Zelda).

  • I'm saying this sounds like a great idea I mean like the game is Zelda any thing can happened. this is gballer43 thanks for reading this.

  • Mickii

    It sounds really cool, the thought of playing as Zelda, but no matter how I look at it, I cant imagine how they'd pull it off without thinking of CD-I Zelda.. xD I've always looked at Zelda games and admired the fact that I get to become a hero, and that I get to be Link. Of course, being the heroine princess also seems neat, because Zelda is obviously not the usual damsel in distress like people have learned to see princesses as. But, I just dont think it would be the same. I've loved previous games where she's more involved in the advenure, like Spirit Tracks, and Skyward Sword, but as the main playable character just might not feel right. It might be neat to see a two player, where Zelda is p2, like Kiby's Epic Yarn.

  • Mickii

    I mean.. maybe if it were a spin-off, but I just like normal Zelda games, where I get to be Link. Its become iconic that way, and honestly, Im not one for change.

  • Sekhmetish

    I would love a game with Zelda in the lead role, especially one that went full hog with it and made Link a vulnerable don in distress who has to aid from afar or under disguise. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • Zelda as a central and playable character would be nice. We only got a very small taste of that with Spirit Tracks. I wish it had been more than that.

  • Pankai

    dont want this to happen!!! please Zelda fans SUPPORT LINK he is the legend!!!!! search me on miverse if you want to be part of the movement against this https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/Pankai

    • Sekhmetish

      So you’re saying being forced into a supportive role when the character has the merits to be a main character is a bad thing?


  • smartbutt

    What would they call this game though? Legend of Zelda? Hmmm… where have I heard THAT name before….

  • Lauren

    I would love a game where Zelda was the character you controlled. I swear I would pay so much money for this.

  • Triguy123

    Design it like Donkey Kong 64, and have rotating elfapes with individual elemental arrows. 'be great for multiplayer and abandoned fruitandfeather switches.

  • I want to play as Sheik, SO BAD. I think they could make a really radical game for her if they utilized her own abilities, such as magic and giving her an acrobatic moveset.
    I would also be perturbed if there was a "Prince Link"–I think that's too gimmicky. Just make her the hero!

  • Kaz

    “NL: The Zelda series tells the story of a male hero rescuing a female princess. Would you ever consider giving Zelda her own game?

    Have you ever played a Zelda game? At most rescuing Zelda is basically a sidequest in a couple titles. I am so horrifyingly sickened I'm not even reading this worthless article.

    • kate

      If this is all it takes to "horrifyingly sicken" you then I would advise stepping out into the real world, my friend.

  • GoronBlanket

    The potential they could do with Zelda is amazing. Combined with Link, it could be a great system with Zelda using her magic to find an enemy's weak spot, or something like that. Also the idea of Impa as a playable character is cool, or even just a new character to the series that isn't restricted by what's been shown through their previous incarnation. Either way, Aonuma has got me very interested.

  • kate

    I liked this Zelda design for her as a protagonist, popped up on tumblr a while back:

  • Voldsrud

    Playing as Zelda would be cool, but I don't think it's enough for a whole new game in the series. We could have it as the second quest for Zelda Wii U, that could be pretty awesome.

  • Fierce Deity

    I'm all for this idea 😀

  • Elienkae

    How about a game where you play though as Link the first time, but then the "masterquest" version is from Zelda's perspective? Zelda's main weapon could be a bow and instead of finding items in each dungeon, she gains a new magical ability.

    • heroofmask

      that i would like but a full game nah options would be kool but i dont only want to play as zelda

  • Norma


  • heroofmask

    they could go for a dream sequence but that would work only once where everything that happend in the game was 1 very long dream or dreams

  • raire

    Oh yes please I would love to play as Zelda, that would be wonderful!!!! It would add some more dynamics, it seems ridiculous it hasn't happened yet! Heck, she could rescue Link, or only meet Link later on, who knows! While I like the idea of playing as Tetra or previous Zeldas, I really like the idea of a new game, that really is not a spinoff on an existing storyline by, as said, playing Tetra's point of view in the windwaker. I'm basically excited!

  • Eximius

    I doesn't have to be just a Zelda game, we would miss Link.
    If booth characters are used, I think we can let the Zelda part deal with the puzzles, and the Link part deal with the fighting or battle. You know, Zelda is wisdom, and Link courage.

    • Quattro

      I also support the idea of emphasizing the Triforce of Wisdom rather than just one of the items mentioned in the game.
      Opinions divert on replacing Link with Zelda in a game in the main storyline, but a spinoff like Tingle's should be fine for most.

  • Quattro

    I have always been hoping to see Zelda having a bigger role in the series, and I'm glad to see Nintendo's try in Smash Bros, ST & SS. If a spinoff for the princess is still not practicable at this moment then I'd like to have her as a playable in the main canon by e.g. adding side quests for her or even an unlockable mode for her! If this is the case I would prefer her retaining the princess form or as Sheik rather than forms like the knight in ST which is way too far from her original image

  • Jayjay

    Saying "it's a risk" to produce a game with a female lead is ridiculous. A growing proportion of gamers are female, and if women can play games featuring male protagonists why can't men play games with female protagonists? Especially since this franchise already has such a huge, dedicated fanbase. As long as it's a quality game and Zelda is treated as a capable lead character, a game with her as the protagonist would be fantastic!

  • Oh Yes! Zelda has become this icon over the years of a damsel in distress, when cleary she is more than that. like others have mentioned she is skilled in both magic and archery,, not to mention her transformation. overall a game from Zelda will change things up a bit and even if it won't relate to other LoZ games (Ike non of the others do) people would like this change (:

  • Skunk

    I hope he does a partner to OoT, where you play as young Zelda, then Shiek! That would be great!

  • elliotbay

    Nobody seems to have mentioned the quite excellent concept piece at http://dresdencodak.tumblr.com/post/47724463171/i… that demonstrates that Zelda can work quite well as a protagonist in her own game.

  • elliotbay

    D'oh, I found it now on the front page and want to delete my comment…

  • Brandon

    I feel that Zelda deserves a playable role, as it's annoying to see her absent for half of a game. I think that if she had her own game, it would go between/after another game in the series. Else if not her own title, she could play in select parts of the new one or at the end as a Second Quest.

  • Spork

    This idea pleases me. It would be a refreshing change and open up a slew of new possibilites and plot lines.

  • Chief_Arino

    It always seemed weird that the series was called The Legend of Zelda, and yet if you were to write down what happened in each game, it would certainly be The Legend of Link. It would be like if all Mario games were called The Legend of Peach. I think that's what makes this different from, say, making a Tomb Raider without Lara Croft as the main character.

    At the very least, have her as a playable character alongside Link – and not just for a little one-off sequence. Something more like how Luigi is playable in imany Mario games.

  • Nielyboyken

    Maybe it could work for a little 'minigame' looking thing… But I don't want to wait again 3 years for a normal good Wii(-U) games come out…

  • Shera

    Dresden Codak actually has a really interesting Zelda game concept, including Zelda as a protagonist in a steam-punk inspired Hyrule.

    …To say that I practically salivated over the idea of that is juuuust a bit of an understatement.

  • I think this is a great opportunity to explore a new perspective and bring something novel to the series. Anyone seen Dresden Codak's fan concept art for "The Legend of Zelda: Clockwork Empire"?

  • Michaela

    That would be amazing!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this moment for years! The concept that Dresden Codak used was a perfect representation of what Zelda as the the protagonist should be.


    Here’s the concept that Dresden Codak developed.

  • Will Wal

    If it can be done well, this would be fantastic for the franchise. While Zelda games tend to be formulaic, the best games are the ones that switch it up and bring some sort of innovation to the franchise. A Zelda centered game would do just that, and possibly create a different mechanic between Zelda and Link. I've never wanted a Legend of Zelda game made more.

  • Zelda/Sheik was my absolute favorite character in Smash Bros. She could legitimately wreck a dude. I'd love to see that translated to a full game. Sheik is to Link as Zero is to Mega Man X. And I could even see Zelda in her normal form being a pretty powerful character in a fast paced game.

    I don't see how this could possibly effect the fiction negatively. There are a ton of different iterations on the legend according to the official Nintendo timeline, so why isn't it possible that at one point Princess Zelda is a warrior princess?

  • ToJo

    Let's do this! The more games in that universe / mythos, the better, and I always thought Zelda should step up more. She could be a fantastic hero if we let her.

  • 00000

    All I see is a bunch of fanboys wetting their pants over nothing. Guys, it might not even happen. So what if it does? Don't play it. It's amazing such an option exists, no?

    • MushGuy

      Way to be an ass, dude.

  • Antoton

    I would really like to see Zelda have her own game. The game is called Legend of Zelda, but her role is almost always passive. She needs to be saved, only in few instances she does something herself: Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword and Spirit Tracks, but in those games, she ends eventually ends up having to be saved.
    I do hope it would be a mature game, and not a pinky-lovey thing (Even the Skyward lovey-dovey stuff was exhausting, but that’s just me 😛 )

  • Ivy

    I think they should, it would tap into the large un-sung market of women players with this more appealing & relatable character.


    As a character who has been just as much of a constant as Link himself, I believe that Zelda can make it playing the same role as the hero. She is loveable, intense, hopeful, and a leader. How is she different from Link?

    It would be so much fun to play a game like SS where tactics and tricks will win you a battle. Her magic, agility, and smarts could easily make use of the style of gameplay in SS, where brute force will not necessarily take your enemy down. I would love another big open world game where there are loads of people and side quests to interact with. It would be interesting to see how differently the NPCs respond to Zelda than Link.

    There are a lot of people that think that playing Zelda, especially as a main character, would ruin the series and defeat the inveterate hero, princess, villain cliche. They have a point–SS basically confirmed that it has always been Link's destiny to save the world. But it also showed that it's Zelda's job as well. This is true across all the games, where Zelda does her best to beat the baddies alongside Link. This is why, if done correctly, the game could be just as seamless and enjoyable as a Link game.

    I believe that having Zelda as the main playable character in a Zelda game is important because that is what Zelda has been about all along; anyone can be a hero. A pretty princess who usually plays a secondary role in a battle of good and evil can use her unique strengths to become a hero. Having a playable Zelda is also important to me personally because she has been such a strong character, and thus an inspiration to me as a girl myself. She was, in my mind's eye, Link's equal.

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  • Urindar

    Deeply in favour of Zelda as a protagonist!

  • DustBunnii

    I love the Legend of Zelda series and I've always wanted to play a similar game as a female character.
    I don't think it would be a good idea to make Zelda the main character in a LoZ game, but I think it would be a fantastic idea to make a similar game with a completely different story, with a female protagonist, of course.

  • duke

    zelda/shiek as a protag WITHOUT link as a partner would be amazing. just her on adventures. do it please!

  • NicktheHero1

    I think that an offshoot game like Tingle's Ruppeeland with Zelda as the main character is a great idea, but making a game like that as part of the main timeline would take away from what the Legend of Zelda was originally about–A hero rescuing the princess and saving Hyrule. I can't imagine Zelda fighting an Iron Knuckle or a Moblin.

  • Kenzi

    I'd personally love to be able to play as Zelda, and that goes even more for Sheik!! I do like the idea, love it really, but I'd still like to be able to play as Link too…
    It would be really interesting if they made a game about Zelda's experience as Sheik during the 7 years Link was in the Sacred Realm in OoT. I mean, haven't all of us wanted to know about that time in her life?? And with the graphics of Twilight Princess, it could be a really amazing game! I think they should give it a chance.

  • Please

    Hi! There is a petition about this. Sign it and show Aonuma that you have strong feelings about this. https://www.change.org/petitions/eiji-aonuma-nint

  • Matilda

    Yes please! I really hope this will happen. *strong feelings*

  • bilbodragons

    to anyone arguing that zelda isnt a strong enough character for her own game:

    youre all fucking idiots and i hate you

    are you all so fucking vacuously stupid that you think 'a strong character' is literally exclusive to physical strength? theres a reason these games are called the legend of zelda. link might be the player character but these games sure as shit aren't about him. theyve really always been zelda's games, and she comes out as the stronger character by a mile if you look beyond physical strength. zelda has an actual, palpable involvement in the story beyond 'pretty good guy with a sword', makes her own decisions and has incredible agency and independance for a female character in a video game. she gets what needs to be done done, and usually, before link even knows she's been involved at all.

    link does what he's told. zelda strings him along behind the scenes and we aren't shown anything that says he has any of his own feeling towards whats happening to him because he's just recently been allowed more character then a soggy cardboard box. he's present in the story as a vessel for the player to gain footing on the plot and travel through the gameworld, but otherwise, he is a thoroughly hollow person standing around idly in conversations too important for him, swinging his sword while other, more important characters hold his and the player's hand through the plot. if you didn't have such a ridiculous nostalgic attachment to him and you took oot off of its golden pedestal for a second, i guarantee you could replace him with literally anyone and none of you would notice.

    a strong character isnt defined by their ability to swing a sword, you dumb fucking scrubs. stop playing video games and read a book for once, dipshits.

  • r-mt

    Playing as Zelda wouldn't be that bad I guess, but a female Link, or better yet, a customizable Link would be better imo.

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  • crowman

    Here's a idea what if you could play both like you could play both link and Zelda.
    which each one needs the other too play, kinda like spirit tracks but better which I feel better
    about that it would let you experience how each character could work of each other

  • Lydia

    GIVE IT TO ME. This game should happen. Right now.

  • MushGuy

    Personally, a wonderful idea for Zelda as the protagonist would be setting it during her seven years of exile in Ocarina of Time. She must have done something in order to survive, and this game would give us the chance to play as her as a Sheikah apprentice. This would also give an expanded role to Impa, who was probably the one who taught Zelda all she knew; and it should also take care of the Sheik controversy that haunted Ocarina of time for years (Did she learn to fight while in drag, or as a gender bender?). And of course rewrite the kidnapping scene that infamously reduced the supposedly badass princess into a screaming distressed damsel. There are better ways to handle the kidnapping; reducing her to this is not.

    Of course, as long as those Male Sheik supporters don't get in their way. Male Sheik means only bad news for the princess who has the potential to develop as herself, and the support from some people does nothing to improve it.

  • This could be a great idea. Zelda already has a strong sense of will and wisdom, and is skilled in magic and archery. Seeing a story unfold from her perspective could make for a very entertaining twist.

  • Games cool, like!

  • It would be nice to take charge of playing the princess at least once in her own game. And she would be an amazing mage fighter, I can imagine.

    I also hope you will comment and read my opinion on Zelda having her own game: http://www.nynyonline.co.uk/zelda-protagionist-in-her-own-game/

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