During E3, the Zelda series producer, Eiji Aonuma, was on hand at The Wind Waker HD booth where attendees were allowed to ask him one question. Daniel Vuckovic of Vooks, an Australian Nintendo site, inquired about an aspect many Zelda fans are curious about. Aonuma was asked if The Wind Waker HD would implement a hard mode that would be more challenging to players already familiar with the game or if any other changes had been made including the addition of cut content.

Sadly, Aonuma responded by saying that there won’t be a hard mode nor will any cut dungeons or content be restored. However, as mentioned in a previous posts, the Triforce collecting quest at the end of the game will be tweaked that will allow for smoother game play, the Tingle Bottle feature will replace the Tingle Tuner, and you will now have the power to increase the boat’s speed.


Aonuma has explained further why these dungeons will not be making an appearance. Hit the jump to find out why!

In an interview with Eurogamer, Aonuma gave this statement:

“Quite honestly, those dungeons we removed we used in other games, so we can’t use them in this version!”

“I’ve received many questions about additional content beyond what was in the GameCube version of the game, but our desire is to stay true of the story that was in the original. If we add dungeons then that will affect other parts of the GameCube version, which we really want to stay true to.”

“If it felt like there were maybe too few dungeons then I feel that what was wrong with the GameCube version was the pacing. It was thrown off because it took longer to get to certain dungeons. There was a waiting period, and then when you arrived there the experience maybe didn’t feel as big, as you’d waited so long to get there. We’re tuning the game to alleviate all that. The pacing should feel appropriate to the overall experience this time… We need to tighten those [gaps] and make the overall experience and story feel tighter.”

Now only one question remains: What games did the cut dungeons get implemented into?

Source: Vooks, Eurogamer (via Zelda Dungeon)
  • Rob

    E3 this year, atleast for me has been amazing. Zelda is always what I look forward to. 3 Zelda games. Totally excited. As for this post, I honestly wasnt expecting newly added content. But what has been added in caught me off guard in a good way. The HD alone makes me want to play the game again. WW has a lot of replayability soooo yeah. Atleast in my case.

  • icefox337

    May sound rather overly-hopeful of me, but no cut dungeons doesn't mean no extra dungeons!

    • Name

      "If we add dungeons then that will affect other parts of the GameCube version, which we really want to stay true to."
      They want to stay true to the GameCube version. Adding dungeons would not stay true to it. So… extra dungeons is probably a no :/

      • Hylian_Knight

        Maybe in a DLC they were considering? =O

      • DarkLink1996

        Expanded Ice Ring Isle anyone?

        • Amanda

          Screw. That. I hated Ice Ring Isle with a burning passion… Reminded me of getting the iron boots in OoT, though, which was… interesting…

  • Triguy123

    So cool! Except for no "hard mode".. After playing such a challenging, great altgraphic 3 heart run of Ocarina Master Quest??! I'm expecting more for a replay game. Lets hope there'll be a motion control option for my bow tat i can Gradually pull back its ice arrow. Or something funnew. (I understand time developmentwise, but cool time for Z Multiplayer Introduction?) (If motionbow control option, then battlefield structure doesn't have to change.)

  • Luke

    Like others, I also never really expected them to restore the cut dungeons. As much as I love Nintendo and their IPs, doing THAT kind of fan service really isn’t their style. Instead they’d rather focus their resources on updating the Tingle Tuner. -__- What a wasted opportunity…

    • Amanda

      I loved the Tingle Tuner! I would always use it to waste my partner's rupies and attempt to blow them up when they weren't paying attention. Made for some great entertainment when I was bored but didn't want to stop playing the game with my siblings. Of course, they did the same to me…

  • cuber456

    Its not surprising that there won't be a hard mode or any cut dungeon designs won't be in the HD release. All the HD version was suppose to be was a Zelda title that could hold players over until an original Zelda title makes its way to the Wii U. I mean, if you look at OoT3D, they didn't really do much to alter the actual gameplay. They only updated the graphics and integrated the features of the 3DS. If we use OoT3D as an example then we can expect the gameplay in WWHD to be mostly the same with the expectation of Wii U integration.

  • Echon

    Oh, come on! Why not at least a hard mode? I can understand not committing to the time and labor to implement cut material, but uuuuugh…. Pure graphical updates is not a selling feature to me on WW-HD. Replacing a feature I never used to begin with another is not going to sell me on WW-HD – especially since I don't care much for online games to begin with. Even the ability to increase my boat's speed or tweaking my least favorite part of the game to make it flow better won't sell me WW-HD and I would love a way to increase my boat's speed over all those empty waters where nothing happens.

    *shakes fist at Nintendo* The only thing that would sell this game to me would be my Gamecube and my copy of Wind Waker BOTH dying on me!

  • veeronic

    let me guess… the sand ship? guess I now know why the boss was a kraken toddler…

    • genjy

      Definitely the sand ship.

      Nintendo even tries to tell the player that it's a WW-based dungeon with the sailing and canon thing leading to it. The whole layout of the sand ship feels very WW-esque, too.

  • kiz

    im glad they r staying true to original-like ocarina for 3ds, a few needed tweaks but stay the same generally! im just begging nintendo that in future please dont make it too modern like spirit tracks-zelda for me is being set hundreds of years ago!

    • Would have upvoted you instead of downvoted, but I disagree about 'too modern'. If anything, zelda needs to get MORE modern, into a steampunk-ish place. I wouldn't want to go FURTHER than steampunk, but steampunk is the optimal point for the series.

  • Vladislak

    Oh well. It would have been pretty sweet to see some cut content, but WW was already an awesome game as it was. This won't stop me from buying it in HD and loving it though, that's for sure.

  • joe

    Nintendo is too lazy to add anything significant.

  • TheGrave

    At the very least, a "Master Quest" like hard mode would have been nice. Oh well, I'll still get whenever I finally end up getting a Wii U.

  • Mik

    Ugh. It sounds like it will be another lazy enhanced port with no new content, like OoT3D. Though at least OoT had enough dungeons so it didn’t need more, TWW is seriously lacking in that department. Way to go, Ninty.

  • Hylian_Knight

    They need to consider a hard mode (Not just a mirror masterquest hard mode after you beat the game on normal). A mode that you can start out with, making the first run through hard for those who need a challenge. Maybe not for the WWHD, because I think it's smart they try to stay true to the original, but for later titles.

  • Michael

    Why would they shrink the Great Sea? The vastness of the sea actually made the game a lot more fun and enjoyable plus added a sense of adventure and made the game feel bigger overall.

    IMO the least they could do is add more content to the game and shorten the duration that it took to change the wind's direction.while sailing. That was the only thing that I felt was mildly frustrating.

  • Ben

    Wellll. the thing is, there is a Hero Mode which is harder. But what are "cut dungeons"

    • Cuber456

      "Cut dungeons" is exactly what it implies. During Wind Waker's original development for the NGC, some dungeons that were planned to appear in the game were scrapped and, apparently, later repurposed and reused for other Zelda games. What is slightly unfortunate is that, amongst all the vast unused data in the original NGC version, there are no signs or implications of what those dungeons could have been like or where they were going to be. People have speculated what the unused dungeons may have been but it is mostly pure speculation.

  • The entire ship is edible, although the King of Red Lions is carved out of foam and chocolate. The maker wanted to stay true to the style of The Wind Waker by using boxy shapes and smooth finishes throughout.