During an analyst presentation, Nintendo announced that the upcoming 3DS Zelda game, A Link Between Worlds, will release in the month of November 2013 in North America. There has been no discussion on the game’s release in other territories yet, with the European release  still vaguely regarded as “towards the end of the year”.

Looks like there’ll be two Zelda games this winter, following the other announcement that Wind Waker HD will release worldwide in October.

Source: IGN
  • Oni Link 303

    Just like its predecessor, come to think of it, the more prominent Zelda titles have a disposition for November release dates.

  • Sahasrahla!

    Yep. I know what I'm gunna get for my birfday! Fuck yeah!

  • TheGrave

    I'm going to be getting it, but I was really hoping E3 would shed some more light on it. Such as the story and the villain, who I'm guessing won't be Ganon (they're probably saving his return for the new Wii U Zelda). I'd also like to see how the Dark World will be apart of it, since it was supposedly turned back into the Golden Land at the end of ALttP. Finally, most importantly, how does Link use the Master Sword when at the end of ALttP it's stated that the MS sleeps again….FOREVER. Nintendo's definitely got some 'splainin' to do.

    • zophar

      how did they explain anything before the timeline was released. and now with the whole timeline and the true explanation of the master sword, it stops it's sleep whenever the one chosen to be the hero is needed to save the land. or maybe even we could see a first with the four sword and the master existing in a single game. im sure im wrong but it is just a thought and i know nothing about what they are thinking and it took just a few minutes to come up with it. they know what they are talking about and it is bound to make sense in the end

  • Gwydion

    Aw yeah, I was hoping for an end of the year release! ^_^ So looking forward to this! Now to catch up on the Zelda titles I'm behind on – still have a couple I'd like to beat before I get my hands on a new one (thank you, OoX, for coming out on the 3DS!). 😛

  • ganonhater

    o my god i lovethat it is coming out this year

  • augustine vega

    i can't wait for this game it's going to be so great 🙂

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  • luigixhero

    November 22…