Each June, the movers and shakers of Zelda Universe make their pilgrimage to Los Angeles for the Electronics Entertainment Expo, or E3, the largest gaming event of the year.

This year, we’ll once again be on the ground doing in-depth E3 coverage and interviews – and it’s shaping up to be our biggest year yet. The largest (and most organized) group of Zelda Universe staff in our history – myself, Cody Davies, and Hombre de Mundo – will all be out there to give on-the-floor impressions, photos, videos, and interviews.

We’ll be live-tweeting Nintendo’s diminutive press event on Tuesday at 10:30am Pacific Time, and are expecting to get some great footage and impressions of A Link to the Past 2 and The Wind Waker HD. We’ll also be around the show floor giving impressions of non-Nintendo offerings – especially the Xbox One and PS4. On Wednesday, we’ll be stopping by our friends at the Symphony of the Goddesses – so if you’re out in Los Angeles and coming to the Symphony, make sure to find us! We’ll also be tweeting about other cool events and parties we go to, so make sure to watch our Twitter account for the latest info about what we’re up to.

With Nintendo’s reduced presence and Microsoft and Sony poised to display their latest console offerings, it’s not a stretch to say that this could become the most interesting E3 in recent memory. So stick around Zelda Universe, and enjoy our E3 coverage!

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