Wii U Zelda Tech Demo

Back when Zelda Wii U was announced, Eiji Aonuma revealed that Nintendo would be “rethinking” the series with many new features. He hinted at features like multiplayer, as well as going through dungeons in whatever order you like.

In the recent interview with EDGE Magazine #255, Aonuma revealed a few more hints about Zelda Wii U along with A Link to the Past 2.  Find out what he said in his interview after the break!

Aonuma states:

 “The new game (A Link To The Past 2) will play very differently to the original. I think the new additions will make players see the game in a different way. And, of course, we’ll introduce even more unexpected elements in the Zelda game that we’re making for Wii U.”

New features such as the ability to change into a drawing, as well as 3D visuals, are obviously major aspects of A Link to the Past 2. Although, I do wonder what elements Aonuma is referring to with Zelda Wii U. Hopefully we will find out at E3–if not, expect to hear more within the coming months.

Source: EDGE Magazine #255
Via: My Nintendo News
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  • Nice job, Austin!

    • Austindo

      Thank you 🙂

      • Zelda_Styles10

        Austin, you did a wonderful job the article was amazing!!!! But, you don't think there will be MORE giant Sculltulla's do you? I mean TP and OoT were bad enough…….I once had this experience where on was on Link in first person camera, and the only thing I could bring myself to do was scream.( I have a VERY large fear of spiders by the way.)

  • TheItalianGamer12


    • Lord Rahl


  • Chief_Arino

    He's probably referring to breaking the very formulaic nature of the Zelda series in terms of their being a series of dungeons that each give you an item used to defeat the boss at the end, and let you access further dungeons. It does feel very over-familiar going into a dungeon, knowing you'll find a map, a compass and several small keys, then an item that you know will be needed to defeat the boss. You leave the dungeon and use that item to get to new areas and finally another dungeon where you do the same again.

    I obviously love the series, but it would be interesting to see Link getting more heart containers in ways other than defeating bosses and finding quarters of them around the place. To move beyond experiences like getting to an area and seeing a distant object the other side of a ravine, "Oh, hookshot" you think, before finding it in the next dungeon and using it to defeat the boss. All these things are nice, but moving beyond them, even temporarily, would be a good idea. People do seem to be getting tired of it since the series' best seller was 15 years ago and 2nd best seller was 27 years ago, especially since Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess were both on a console that outsold the N64 by more than 2 to 1.

    • Austindo

      I agree. Zelda is my favorite franchise of all time, but I definitely am excited that they are changing up the franchise. A big problem people have with the series (and Nintendo exclusives in general) is that they don't change enough with each new game. I've been kind of worn down with some of the big Nintendo exclusives as of late, so hopefully the other development teams will take a hint from the Zelda team and change their games up some.

      • Heatblizzard

        Correct me politely if I am wrong but hasn't what's his name Miyamoto semi-retired and there is new people working on Zelda since the N64 era?

        Actually while the Wii Sales did outsold during the first half of it's lifespan but the second half it has bombed and many people *including Nintendo fans* only played it once in a while for their Zelda/Mario kicks and then put it away as there isn't really any third party games unless you count crappy ports.

    • Josh

      Well, since twilight princess sold more copies than ocarina, and is the best selling Zelda of all time, Id say your statement is a little flawed.

      • MikeL

        TP did not sell more copies than OoT but regardless, TP was released for two systems and was a release game for one of them, that drove a lot of its sales.

      • Chief_Arino

        Post a source for that info. It's reported in many places that the original LoZ is the best seller, then OoT. TP couldn't even outsell OoT even though it was released on two consoles, one of which had over twice the install base of the N64.

  • Chief_Arino

    Also, EDGE is a really good magazine and has lots of exclusives like this as well as just feeling like an art book sometimes since it's so nice-looking. I recommend it, but it'll probably be pretty expensive if you live outside the UK.

  • Spock

    Well, change is definitely welcome, but I’m a little afraid to be honest. If change means getting rid of a living overworld and annoying the hell out of the player by holding way too much virtual hands, I’d rather stick to the established formula :-/

  • veeronic

    please don't keep heading down the path skyward sword established… minuscule divided overworld, way too many warp points… it was like a damn stage select, ultra cartoony enemies and characters… the giant walking black pineapple with teeth for example…

    keep the difficulty though, that almost made up for it.

    • kkk

      AHAHAHAHA Difficulty?!
      The EASIEST of all the Zelda games and you want them to KEEP the difficulty?
      Next time just stick with asking them to keep out the stage select.

      • MikeL

        Twilight Princess and Wind Waker were both MUCH easier than Skyward Sword. In SS I actually had to use potions for the first time since ALttP. I breezed through TP in 35 hours on my first playthrough, a far cry from the 60 hours of gameplay I was promised.

    • MikeL

      Warp points in Skyward Sword???

  • sanguiluna

    Please don't tell me Nintendo has joined the Multiplayer Cult. I really hate this new philosophy that a game somehow NEEDS a multiplayer aspect to be "complete." It didn't do Assassin's Creed any favors, it didn't do Mass Effect any favors, it didn't to God of War any favors.

    • Heatblizzard

      You're right it doesn't NEED it but multiplayer would be an option. If you don't like it don't fucking use it! How hard is that? It's not like there is a gun forcing you to play multiplayer if you don't like it.

      It amazes me more and more how much drama Nintendo fanboys cause when the slightest change is suggested to add replay value.

      • sanguiluna

        Yeah, too bad so many developers are making it a REQUIREMENT instead of an option. Look at God of War, Assassin's Creed II and Mass Effect 2: critically and commercially successful. THEN they introduced multiplayer, and we ended up with Mass Effect 3, Assassin's Creed Revelations and God of War Ascension, which were… not as well, to put it lightly. And speaking of replayability, tell me about the thousands of people who are still playing that game. Yeah, didn't think so…

        You're welcome.

  • Link

    multiplayer would be a nice new feature in a new Zelda game. and by that I mean more than a Gameboy hook up and some outside the main game mini games. but just because Nintendo adds multiplayer to a Zelda game (if they do) that does not mean every game from that point on will have it. it will just make it seem nice when you can play a single player game again and not worry about someone snipeing you and stealing all ur rupees and force gems :P.

    multiplay would be kinda nice in a game if they do it right, and if they don't go on to include it in ever Zelda game after, that would also be great :P. also,a dungeon where there is no map, but maybe a compass, that would be nice. the compass could just point you to the clossest room that still has a chest in it. (but not lead you directly to it like your skyward sword did.)

    • Heatblizzard

      Couldn't agree more! I couldn't have said it better myself but the committee will have to agree on that multiplayer or it will not happen since their culture is a LOT different then ours and generally they won't risk changes unless it benefits the committee.

      If it was in America they would likely have done it since Majoras Mask knowing half the Zelda fans would use it making game sales go skyward high and also have replay mode where you can fight you're favorite boss using 1 or 2 players!

      Banjo Tooie you can unlock Jinjo for multiplayer and there is tons of mini games you can do that are fun.

  • Link

    also, I found WW to be harder than SS. I beat SS a couple days after it came out here in the US. 4 days after actually. and I didn't even play it for more than like 4 to 5 hours each of the first 2 days. and demise, you look at the guy and it's like HOLY SH*ST! HE'LL FREAKIN OBLITERATE ME IN THE FIRST 2 SECONDS JUST BY FREAKIN LOOKING AT ME! but then I go in there and whoop the guys butt with a freakin butterfly net XD. dude never touched me but once.

    TP atleast took me about 50 hours. WW I admit was the 1st video game I've ever playd and it was when I was like 6-7 so yah, it took me a year to beat. but even now it takes me atleast…well I dunno. I just reacently noticed that on the save file it has the time of day that I saved, not my game time XD. had me thinking at one point that' I'd beaten the game in just 8 1/2 hours XD. so IDK bout that one. but if I'm not trying to speed run it maybe bout 20hrs? gunna have to time it sometime.

    • Heatblizzard

      I never noticed that. I'll have to take a look when I play it next.

  • thorenquill99

    Honestly, I’m a little worried about what kinds of changes they’ll be making. Zelda is already great, though some “small” changes would be great, but if Nintendo makes Zelda’s storyline multiplayer, I might just die.
    On another note, great article!

  • Heatblizzard

    I'm afraid that if Nintendo does get innovative it will be too late MUCH like the Commodore 64 that got good games cranking out in the end of it's life and even released how to program BUT there was very little support at the end due to dumb choices by the author when theCommodore 128 came out and that's what will likely happen to Nintendo if they don't get cracking.

  • Heatblizard

    Nintendo and Japan are a WHOLE lot different then the USA where everything is done by a committee rather then one person with a dream directing it. When things are done by committees it's really hard to get going with new things or ideas because there is no vision or soul being put into it.

    Which in that case if you work there in Japan and speak you're mind on what you want to see in Zelda or Mario such as "The fans all want THIS in it!!!!* you will be frowned upon unless the committee agrees to it and it will continue to haunt you the rest of you're life for speaking out like that. They'll make sure of that anytime future decisions are made.

    In Japan the government controls how much money Nintendo gets and Nintendo has no say about it unlike here where they would be able to choose where and how they spend it except outrageous taxes they have to pony up.

  • Heatblizzard

    One last thing. Japan's economy also went belly up a few years ago much like the USA and Japan no longer makes things as a result which WILL effect how Nintendo makes future market decisions.

    They get materials and goods from China too just like us now where Japan used to be the top of the line for electronics since the 1980s.

    Even Nintendo parts are now from China made by slaves who work 12 hours a day and there is no assembly line there to make things go faster. That's an American thing and they can't do that because that represents freedom.

  • Josh

    I cannot believe they did not even mention the new Zelda U at e3. Or if they did I missed it. Their biggest franchise besides Mario, at the biggest event, and not even a word about it? I bought my wii u specifically for the new Zelda, but sadly it seems the earliest it will be released is 2015. At the earliest.

    • MikeL

      Are you really surprised? The most recent console Zelda game came just 1.5 years ago and that was 5 years after the previous one.
      Do you want them to rush the game? 2015 is the most likely year for release.

  • Josh

    No, I don't want them to rush my Zelda. Perhaps your right, but maybe they should have still mentioned that at e3. And two MORE years is a long time to wait…BUT….. There is good news. I just read about the new Zelda making good headway and that they thought real hard about revealing it at e3… They said just a little longer, perhaps we'll see it at the next nintendo direct…now THAT is good news..