Once again, it is time for a Music Monday. I may not be the usual writer (Rusty), but I enjoy more than my fair share of Zelda fan music. Today, I bring to you a rendition of Majora’s Mask’s “Song of Healing”.  This rendition is brought to you by YouTube user BrannaElysia, who specializes in the harp, as seen in this song.

I think we can all agree upon the emotion this song evokes. Frequently throughout Majora’s Mask, Link uses this song for healing, as the name implies. But Link does not heal himself, he heals others. This song allows him to return to his Hylian form after the Skull Kid cursed him into the form of a Deku Scrub. This song allows Link to heal a broken soul and finally bring them the peace necessary to move on. Two notable instances of this are when Link uses this melody to heal Darmani, as well as Mikau. Promising to aid their people after they have moved on, they grant Link use of their earthly bodies in the form of masks.

However, the most emotional moment, in my opinion, is when Link uses this song to reunite a man and his daughter in Ikana Canyon. After a researcher by an unknown name went into a well in the canyon, he was cursed. This curse caused him to start deteriorating into a Gibdo, the very creature which he invented the song to drive away. This song is known as the “Farewell to Gibdos”. His daughter, Pamela, contained him in a closet in their house’s basement and locked the front door. After Link restored the river back to the canyon, the Gibdos were warded away and Pamela came outside. Link rushed inside, albeit quietly, and sneaked into the basement. There, he found Pamela’s father, who was nearly fully converted into a Gibdo. He quickly played the “Song of Healing”, lifting the curse on his soul and allowing him to return to his normal, human self. With the song alone, Link was able to reunite a father and his daughter. With the curse lifted and the river flowing once again, the “Farewell to Gibdos” song is free to sound once again, driving away the Gibdos and leaving Pamela and her father in peace.

Now, after a brief history of this song, hit the jump to hear this fantastic cover of a class Zelda song.

Source: YouTube (Thanks to Moriquendi for the tip!)